Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can't Get Enough...

I just can't get enough of the Leftovers Antique's Shop in Brenham. So, as a treat for my mother, since she'd never been and you wouldn't have to ask me twice to go, we headed out there. It was a nice drive, getting caught up with each other. Since we both work and can't sometimes just have time for ourselves, we talked and talked. The first stop was at a friend of mines antique place. I could spend hours just visiting with her, she's an interesting person. I bought the coolest park bench, green and white metal. I can't pick it up until next week when my husband gets back into town. It weighs a ton, but it has the best crusty and peely look to it. I'll post a pic next week. I also found an ironstone tea pot, a really pretty homemade apron that she makes, a pretty floor lamp, a tea pot lamp, another decorative lamp (it must have been the day for lamps), a tin of old buttons, a pretty girl painting, a McCoy planter, and a pretty floral rose cushion. Here is a picture of my finds:

Our next stop was Leftovers. She was wowed when we immediately walked in. She said "now this is an antique shop"!! (These pics are also for you Theresa since she wanted to come to Leftovers, but Kentucky isn't close enough for her to drive!!):

Our last stop was the Antique Rose Emporium. I could spend hours there walking their gardens and admiring all their pretty flowers. They were having a wedding at the main house. It was pretty and peaceful. If you've never been it's located in Independence Texas, between Brenham and Navasota. It's worth the drive. Here are the pictures I took of the place, and their website is

Isn't the garden house pretty with my sweet mother standing by it? It's made of old windows. I so want to make one. I've collected old windows for a while in hopes of building one some day.

The garden's are really pretty and I love how they've taken an old fence and enclosed it in.

Their shop is an old house with pretty gardens surrounding it. Can you see the pretty holly hock in front of the house. So pretty!!


  1. I'm leaving RIGHT now on a road trip to find these shops.....
    Happy Mother's day!!

  2. Thank you so much for the Leftovers pics! I needed a Leftovers fix! It is one of my favorite shops. I can't wait until Oct. to go there again!
    Theresa S.

  3. I would love to visit these shops. Thanks so much for a great post and wonderful photos.

    I love that garden house, made from windows, also!

    Back Porch Musings

  4. Those are my kind of shops! I know that you must have enjoyed your treasure-hunting so much. That garden house is beautiful, too.


  5. I just had to come back by and tell you, my June Country Living arrived today. We stopped our mail while we were out of town.
    I was so happy to see CL, in the stack, when we picked it up at the PO!

    What a wonderful story about your friend Theresa S. O'my goodness, her home is gorgeous!

    Back Porch Musings

  6. I just love it when you share your trips to Leftovers with us!
    Could you go there every month for
    us?!! :) :)
    Thanks for the great pictures!

  7. I have to agree with ya'll about Leftovers being a great shop; it so inspires me. Also, check out the video of Theresa's home at the Country Living website:

  8. Dear Theresa, those pics of Leftovers are AMAZING!! I would love to visit that store. Looks like there are treasures upon treasures. I have to tell you I looked at the video shot in Theresa's home, OMGoodness!! I'm am blown away by it all!! For any who've not seen this home, take a look:,,710118_710458,00.html
    take care sweetie,

  9. Your blog and your pictures are just dreamy. I love'em. I can never get enough shabby delight. And your garden is inspiring. I've been in the begining stages of a mini side garden and can't wait to really get into it.
    Thanks for your lovely pic's.


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