Monday, August 20, 2007

Raw Materials

"Raw Materials for Creative Living" is what the Uncommon Objects Antique Shop, in Austin, has on their business card. They couldn't have explained it any better. The designers, artists, and just unique dealers that display in this shop is something to see. They can take the most ordinary things, something you probably may not think to use in your decorating and make it into a work of art. Words can't describe how blown away I always am when I visit this shop. As I've told you in previous posts, my husband has to literally pry me away because I have to go back over and over and see everyone's booth several times, there's just so much to see that the eye can only take in so much at a time.

When we were in Austin this past weekend for our show, we visited the shop twice, so check back later in the week for more pictures. I couldn't resist another vintage fish tank when I was there.

This is Linda Parker's space. I love how she will take old baby shoes and repurpose them, or take old wheels and hang them from the ceiling. She's really a delightful person and very creative. She sets up at the Marburger Show, so stop by and see her this fall.

I met Jeanette the dealer of this space this past weekend. I really like how she decorates her space and how she'll fill old jars with vintage thread, ribbon, and buttons and make it so visually appealing.

More great dealers:

Uncommon Objects is located at 1512 S. Congress Ave or visit their website.


  1. How fun! I love that I can click on those pictures and make them larger to get to see all the little details!

  2. So glad you found me! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I am so jealous of all the sales you go too. WOW! I need to head your direction.

  3. Be still my heart ~ I love these pics!

  4. This store is on my "Must see list" next time i'm in Austin. DH wants to go there in Oct for some convention. I'm so happy, because I'll be able to visit this great place. Thanks for the pics

  5. This looks like so much fun!!


  6. Oh fun that store looks...
    great pic's, great blog...glad I visited, will have to return soon!!

  7. GREAT pictures! I love this store.
    When I was in Austin back in May,
    I went to this store 3 times!!
    Yes, I spent many hours looking at everything several times. I am figuring that I spent about a total
    of 7 hours there!! I asked the girls at the counter how long their waiting list was for dealers who want to get a space there.
    They said that they have a 12 year
    wait! A lady dealer had just moved into the store who had been waiting on the list for 12 years!
    Amazing. Seeing these pictures makes me want to head to Austin!
    Thanks! Tess in Lubbock, TEXAS

  8. T~
    One of my FAVORITE shops as you may know. The space in the last four shots posted is off the hook!


  9. Thank you for getting such wonderful pictures for us! I love it when I can visit other shops right from my desk. Blessings... Polly

  10. Thank you to share your best antiques spot of Austin with us


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