Monday, September 17, 2007

Antique Show

The Huntsville show is over, two down, and the big one to go! Warrenton show week is right around the corner. Here we are at the show:

This is the picture of our booth that made the front page of our local newspaper, the Huntsville Item:


I just had to share with you this fabulous booth done by Karen and Marion; I am always so inspired with the displays they create:

At the show, I purchased a primitive cabinet, but you'll have to wait until Warrenton to see it, it's packed away until then. From the same dealer, I also purchased a white cloth mannequin. I found a really cool vintage gray mannequin (both are pictured below), a pretty white slip covered chair that I can't seem to part with since it looks good in my house, a name plate made of glass, a silver loving cup, and two trophy cups the really small one is from the Yellow Stone National Park and the larger one is dated 1942, a vintage chalk board on a stand (my mother had one just like it when she was little), a black and white stool, two round white tables, a black crow, and a black and white awning (most of the things I purchased can be seen in the pictures above).

Hope you can make it out to the Round Top Warrenton show at the end of the month!


  1. I'd love to have one of those dressmaker forms!

    I enjoyed the photos. Wonderful photo of the two of you!


  2. Wow, you keep very busy.. that has to be a lot of work. I'm always so impressed how much hard work it is to pack up then set up. When the show would be over I'm afraid I'd just want to call it a day and get dinner. The work seems overwhelming..kudos to you!

  3. How cool to be on the FRONT page!! I love it. Looks like a great show and I love your "finds"!

  4. I just love that sign (7.50) in Karen and Marion's booth? Do you know if they sold it, how much they wanted and how to get in touch with them? You made great purchases, and your booth looks wonderful as usual. I have a new respect for those of you who do this sort of thing now.

  5. Is that the one~ with the trophey around her neck? Thanks for emailing me!


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