Thursday, September 20, 2007

Leftover's Party

Leftover's Antiques Shop is having a party on September 29, 2007 @ 6:00 pm. You definately don't want to miss it. It is probably the most inspirational Antique Shop I've been to in awhile. Their displays are fabulous, their food is great, and the fun you have is just awesome. I can't really describe the atmosphere in this shop, you must go and see for yourself. They are located in Brenham Texas, off Hwy 290 W., before you head out to all the shows. Here are photo's of their shop during previous times we visited:

They had been setting up at the Marburger show, but I noticed on the invitation they didn't mention they'd be there, but they will be at Ex-cess in Warrenton and The Big Red Barn in Round Top.


  1. Leftovers...what a wonderful name! They have fabulous treasures too...
    Thanks for all the eye candy, love it!

  2. Oh wow what a wonderful place! I get the impression your area is really open to just having fun with their homes. I live in an area that is either very decorator looking or museum stiff. Of course I really break the mold. Thanks for the pictures I wish a could go there :(

  3. OMG! Why is Texas so far from Florida? I would go absolutely crazy in that shop! Wow! Thanks for your awesome sneak peeks into all these great shops and shows~although it's a little painful to see great stuff like that and not be able to get any of it!
    Shelley at Sweet Pea

  4. Darn it you show such wonderful places and not only are they soo too far away they are also on the wrong side of the Atlantic. One day ....

  5. oh I wish I could go. I love the pictures please make them bigger! If you ever get your hands on a small dress form let me know. Blessings,


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