Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Top Designers at Marburger Antique Show

As I entered Hwy 237 this morning heading for Zapp Hall I passed the line of traffic that was waiting to get into the Marburger Antique Show. I couldn't wait to see Theresa Smith and Judy Hill's spaces. You might as well have not had any other plans when women are lined up for this Antique Show, because nothing could move them from their place in the line. Even though it was another hot day, that wasn't going to stop the dedicated shoppers that were out.

Here is Theresa's space (I was so in awe at what she brought to the show and her creativity how she displays things):

Here is Judy's space. She didn't disappoint either. All the white ironstone, mercury glass, and displays were just wonderful.

This is French Vanilla's space:

Remember to click on any photo to enlarge.


  1. Beautiful set ups. I always love the white ironstone and furniture with the dark brown or that unusual darkish green walls, it's so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Theresa...this is wonderful! I love how I can click a photo in the group of photos, to enlarge.


  3. Absolutely the best eye candy I've seen lately! Wow how do you go to a show like that and not go crazy? Thanks again for the pics. Oh and I went back to your previous blogs about these two phenomenonal ladies homes. I had torn the pics of Teresa's house out and put them in my inspiration binder as I am a total architectural junky!! Nice to get a connection with her show. Your blog is my new fav!! Always awesome! Keep up the great work.

    Shelley ay Sweet Pea

  4. Judy & Theresa have fabulous goods!
    I need to hang out with you...

  5. Thanks for sharing your show coverage Theresa! I didn't get to go to Marburger this year so it was nice to share what you had seen. I'm running behind on my posts but I will let you know when I've got your post up. Take good care! Stash Studios

  6. Sigh, Oh Thank You, Thank You Theresa for taking us on such a beautiful Texas Antiques Tour!!!! I love your blog!!!


  7. You Texas girls just know how to antique! Love your posts and I want to go to the shows in the spring!

  8. All so beautiful. I think I'm going to try to make some trellis' in the style I can see in that pic you posted. Thanks for showing us the great booths.

  9. hey teresa...this is terri of Zapp Tent...hope you had a good show and got home safely. jana and i enjoyed hanging(sweating) out with you last week. fyi...janet(rhubbish @ coles) is a friend of ours and her sister Mo is equally talented and has a space at Marburger in Tent B. Check her out next time, she also has a booth at Homestead in Fredericksburg. Give us a call when you get in our part of Texas! see ya, terri

  10. What a wonderful show! (I especially love the chandy's). I'm not able to go to many right now, so it's very fun to be able to see everything through you. :)

  11. I go to this fair every year and was surprised by the quality of the Black Swan Antiques setup. Their items were all shipped from England and Europe and were set up on a beautiful wood floor. The biggest delight of it all was that they have a shop in Gruene, Texas so I can buy from theme there between fairs. I would recomend them to anyone - trust me ladies you will love their stuff!


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