Monday, December 03, 2007


We went and spent the weekend with our son in Austin and while we were out doing some Christmas shopping on Saturday, I talked my guys into driving to Georgetown. I had wanted to visit Gatherings for several months and couldn't wait any longer. I first saw Stephanie and Cathy's things while at the Austin City Wide sale and then visited with them this past fall when they came through Zapp Hall in Warrenton. Their shop was so magical and pretty. I will definately go back when I can spend several hours looking through all their vintage things.

Gatherings is located at 1009 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, Texas, right down from the Courthouse square.


  1. Hi Tina!

    Beautiful shop....thanks for sharing with us. I will definitely pay them a visit when I get to Austin in January.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. I simply must get out and start window shopping again.

    You always inspire.

  3. Wow ! Thank you for sharing that amazing shop ~ it is gorgeous !!! I just have to make a trip there to see it

  4. Theresa, Thanks so much for sharing these great sure do have a way with your guys since they seemed to allow you all the time you need to visit these wonderful places!

  5. What a beautiful shop! Your lovely posts always make me want to go out and browse for wonderful finds! :)

    Thank you again for your sweet comments on my blog...your kindness was so helpful to me!



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