Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Open House

I've recently been emailing with Paula Waltman and have found that we have so much in common. She seems to like the same similar items as I do and her whit is just too funny. She said she goes to Canton almost every month and she finds the coolest things. From what I can tell she's definately a talented decorator. I just had to share with you photo's of her beautiful home since she's having an open house this week. Paula lives in Louisiana and has been in her local paper.

Check out her place:


  1. She's got great style! Thanks for sharing Theresa! How about posting some pics of your home--bet it's great too!


  2. Great house!
    I love the shelving in the kitchen rather than wall cabinets!
    SOOO French
    Also love the clapboard walls.
    Thanks for sharing and
    Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  3. Beautiful home. I love the big front porch! Each room is amazing!

    Wonderful style!

    Thanks, Theresa!

  4. Oh I love it when gals share pictures of their homes. You can tell she really enjoys hers. Thanks for the post, Theresa. Come on over for a visit, it's been a while. Miss ya.



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