Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seed Box in the News

Meloney and Brian, owners of the Seed Box Antiques in Ozark Missouri, were featured in their local newspaper this past Sunday. I absolutely love their home; so peaceful, beautiful, and Meloney, well she's just absolutely talented. I didn't realize she was a former floral designer, no wonder she's able to put together such beautiful works of art with the flowers and wreaths she's has at her shows and shop and not mention how she displays her antiques. I first met them at the Red Barn Show in Round Top Texas, one year ago this month. You just instantly fall in love with their things, the way they find old architectural items, gardening things, and want to take it all home. I know my friends Pat from Back Porch said she's been to their shop as has Paula and her sister. I do hope we can plan a trip this summer, I'm sure I'd stay all day at their shop and they'd finally have to ask me to leave!! Here are pictures of their beautiful home and keep watching for more great news to come!!

Don't forget you can click on any photo to enlarge. Be sure and stop by their shop in you're in the Ozark area.


  1. Is that wreath birch bark or rolled up music sheets? Great pics as usual
    you have the best "news".

  2. OMGOODNESS! Their home is absolutely incredible! What amazing ideas, Theresa! Thanks so much for all the gorgeous photos, I'm trying not to drool on the keyboard....xxoo, Dawn

  3. Theresa,
    No one else is doing the great job you are in showing off all the wonderful exhibits and homes. You are the reporter of the decade. I love your blog and check every day to see if you have added anything.

  4. I love this post T! What a soulful home! It's amazing how much we all have in common in our styles! You should be getting paid for your coverage of the goings on in Texas and elsewhere! Can't wait for the next one! Hey I have an idea--how about a post of the interior of yours? Hmmmm??

    Your pal!

  5. These images are so lovely, your blog is just amazing but I so wish I lived closer so I could see some of these shows and things in person.Just wanted to drop by and thank you for always stopping by my blog....
    Take care Cathy

  6. Thanks for writing about this article, Theresa. I visit the News-Leader quite often, just to see the homes. It's been awhile since I was there. So happy to see Meloney and Brian's wonderful home featured there!


  7. *sigh* I guess Missouri is not THAT far of a drive from Texas...LOL. Oh their home is amazing! I love it.

    What's the Vintage Show in Austin this weekend?

  8. Oh wow loving everything. I'm still looking for a vintage mannequin let me know if you find one. Denise

  9. Gosh, it's been such a long time since I've been on-line......I'm enjoying catching up on your blogs! So many great articles.....I love this post....great pics I might add!

    Thanks for the dose of creative inspiration today! Your blogs can always be counted on for that!


  10. So good to see you at Houston show! I need Seed Box phone or email address. I need to order some pillows. You can send to Cannot wait til Zapp to see you again AND your cute booth! Love your blog.You are a great girl!!!!!!!!


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