Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flea Market at Canton

Today we adventured out to the Canton Texas flea market. Arriving very early as we normally do and hitting the grounds first to find treasures (I'll post what we found in a later post). There were a lot more vendors this time so a lot to choose from, but we had a list and was really trying to stick to it. We saw lots of gardening things, McCoy, watering cans, architectural items, cabinets, you name it, if you were looking for it I'm sure it was there.

I wanted to show you our favorite booths in all of the hundreds and hundreds of vendors that are there, whether inside or out, these girls are the best when it comes to their displays:

This is Margaret and Lilly's space of The Veranda, I love all their pretty Spring colors:

I was especially drawn to the specimen box; see the bug in the container on the book:

Here is Patina Green's space in the Arbors; their bottles with the jewelry and different collages of things is really pretty. Check out the French pillows, on the back is feed sacks, how cleaver:

Here's Linda and Ludmil's space of Willow Nest. They had a lot of Easter goodies they brought back from Washington and of course Linda's creative touch can be seen all throughout her booth:

Check out Judy Hill's space. I am really loving her displays more and more and can't wait to see her great things at Marburger; won't be long:

Here is Laurie of Laurie Anna's. It always looks so fresh and pretty:

See ya at the next show!


  1. OHMY, you've outdone yourself. Thank you for getting me through the cold Canadian winter. You have the BEST decorating blog.
    bev e

  2. We had a blast out there yesterday. Lauria Ann's booth was amazing...people were literally standing there gawking. Judy Hill, awesome as always. And we found Verandah..they are adorable! Found lots of good junk too, but was'nt that wind killer? Ugh. Felt like I ate dirt all day long. LOL.

  3. T~
    Looks like pairs of hands sitting on the bed in Judy's space. I've got to have all of them.

    Peace & Love,

  4. Thanks for your visit to hill country house! I wish I had been with you at Canton! (except for the wind..) I can't wait for Warrenton/Round Top -I will be looking for you! Great post!!

  5. Hey Theresa, if only we could do virtual shopping at these shows! I saw several things that would have made it home with me!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and ongoing support. I look forward to seeing where you go with your blog. I already love how you feature the major shows and consider you a go-to source for the schedules and coverage.

    Do you happen to know a gal named Peg who sets up at Marburger as French Vanilla? She left me a really nice comment in my gallery but I have no way to reach her.

    See you soon!


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