Monday, February 25, 2008

Filming to start in Smithville Texas

I received an email from a fellow shop owner from Smithville Texas the other day and she said they are making another film there. Apparently, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn will star in the movie. I asked her if she'd seen Brad yet and she said no, but she had heard that he was in town. She did say that the decorators are in the shops buying like crazy for the film, which is always a good thing for them. Reminds me of an article that Victoria Magazine featured about this movie, where the stylists went out and bought antiques at Sue Balmforth's shop; I'd love to have been the one that then got first dibs at what they didn't want to take back with them to Hollywood.

Yep, I'd star in a movie with him!!

Check out Smithville if you are near there, there are some great Antique Shops in that town. Here are some past pictures of some of the shops:

They are filming right down the street from where Hope Floats was filmed. Who knows maybe you could be in the movie!!


  1. Holy Cow! I never realized how gorgeous he is!!! I can hardly wait to come to Texas!!!

  2. Girl I want to live in Smithville! I think we would fit in just fine there! The town looks so pretty. Just one month until Marburger Show, I can't wait, but I think I already told you that!
    Therea (Smith)

  3. Ha! At my fist glance of Brad's picture I though, "He's cute! Is that a boyfriend or a son?" Then the split second vanished and I knew who it was.

    One of my younger fantasies was that a movie would be made in my town and they'd come to my shop for props and would really need my expertise in all things local, so they'd hire me and the leading man would take a liking to me. Never figured out just where my husband fit in all this. I think he'd got tired of me and my messiness and left. LOL But wait! Maybe there's a romance novel in that run-on sentence! Hmmm......

  4. Gosh he is pretty isn't he? LOL. I love Smithville, it's a great little town, how wonderful for them. And yes, Practical Magic, loved that house and the little town they filmed in. So awesome.

  5. Hello! So happy to have found your blog! So many lovely photos and info about flea markets here in Texas! What more could a girl want? I will be visiting often!!


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