Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moving Day

Today we went and helped out our friends Linda and Ludmil move into their new beautiful cottage. I told her how peaceful the place felt and since it was such a glorious day you could hear the birds chirping. Their new home is so pretty and even though Linda hasn't put everything in it's proper place, I could already envision just how beautiful it's going to be.

I wanted to show you a preview of their place. The are definately in the country, but Linda said this is exactly what she was looking for:

The back deck overlooks the country side, so pretty!!

Can you see Ludmil's creative works in the back ground?

I love all of Linda's beautiful gardening things.

These two shots of the great room are on opposite corners of each other and the French doors lead to the back deck.

This is the great room.

She has such great primitive/country furniture and her ironstone collection is fabulous.

This shot of kitchen doesn't show it off very well; she has lots of great vintage cabinets. I'll go back soon and take more pictures and by then hopefully she'll have all her great things out. Linda will be in Canton on Wednesday. She'll be at the Antiques and Garden Show in Cat Springs Texas on March 8th, and at Zapp Hall at the end of March.


  1. How wonderful Theresa that you helped Linda and her husband move!!! I love Linda, she is a sweet soul, I've talked to her a little in emails ~ she will have her new home looking AMAZING in no time at all. It already looks beautiful to me, I just love her taste! Every little item looks like a found treasure. What a gorgeous day too, the outside looks beautiful, too! Hope you're doing great ~ xxoo, Dawn

  2. Oh my gosh...what a delight to of found your blog, it is just wonderful. I am sooooo happy to of found Willow Nest again. Thank you!

    Mixing Whimsy

  3. I am so happy to have found you. I met Linda at the Fredericksburg Antique show last November when we were set up a few booths down from each other. I thought I would run into her at the grocery store or somewhere around town after that, but have not! So glad to hear they are doing well. I hope to figure out who you are at Zapp in the spring - love your blog!

  4. Hello Theresa, i'm amazed everyday at what a small and wonderful world this is. Especially antiquers! i was looking for Linda and Ludmil on the internet and found you. Which i love your blog and i've made it one of my fav's! We miss the Marcov's out here in Washington, and i don't have their email so am unable to send a message. Ask Ludmil about the butterfly girls and Linda about her guests that wouldn't shut up.
    Hoping to travel to your neck of the woods someday.


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