Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Trip & Antiques

No matter where we go to get away, you can always be assured that we will stop, find a shop, and/or buy if I really find something that speaks to me. Well, we came back with the truck loaded, which I'll post tomorrow. Even though it was Spring Break week and we really don't have small children anymore in grade school that get off for Spring Break, it was good to get away to South Texas--Padre Island. The weather was hot and humid, but not much different than what our summers are like, it's just that it feels like summer all year around there, even in the Spring. We stopped at several shops along the way. Our first town we stopped at was Victoria; I hadn't been to this town to look for shops, we just normally drive by it. We found a cute shop, Blue Moon Antique Mall, where I found a mercury glass vase, an old book, and French prints. Funny how the antiquing world is because I met up with Margaret that has set up at several of the shows I'm done.

The next day we headed to a "flea market". Now before you get your hopes up and think it was like Canton, you would have been disappointed. However, even though there wasn't really very much there I did manage to find a large bird cage, a huge bird cage on a stand, and plant stand. As you can see from the pics, not much here, but they did have pretty plants (DH & MIL).

The next day, my sister-in-law, who lives in Harlingen had mentioned there were several shops in town. So, we headed out, only two shops really caught my eye. The first shop was The White Lion, which had a French feel to it. Very pretty things:

The last shop was Lola's Antiques, which I could have spent a lot more time looking here. I did find a candelabra in this shop. The downstairs area was like a co-op shop, where there were different booths that dealers rented. My SIL looked pretty in the prom dress, I kept telling her I thought she should buy it!!



The owner that ran the upstairs part of the shop had really pretty things, but I had to sneak up there to take pics because she wasn't in. I'd love to have spent more time looking at her things. The one thing that did catch my eye were the mannequins all had fingers missing!!

This shop won an award for having the pretties window displays, which you barely see. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this display, again mannequins with missing fingers. They did a great job on displaying the window!


  1. Looks like fun, and I sooo would have bought that prom dress! That would just be fun to have around!! Great pictures!!


  2. Wow, what eye candy over here - great blog!


  3. I want to SHOP with you too...Next year...A few of us are planning our trip to Texas...and we are hooking up with you!
    Have a great time!!!!!

  4. What fun places to shop, as always!
    The prom dress is divine...

  5. I enjoyed all these wonderful photos. Loved the pictures of your husband, mother in law and sister in law.

    That prom dress with all the netting, brought back memories for me! Those were the days!


  6. Did you buy the prom dress?
    For me.
    I love it!!!
    Looks like you two are having lots of fun as our roving reporter.


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