Thursday, March 13, 2008

City Wide Sale in Austin

The City Wide Garage Sale-Vintage Market will be held this Saturday and Sunday at the Palmer Events Center in the Austin Texas. It's a wonderful show with a lot of great dealers. Be sure and check out my friends Mickie and Brandy. They always have the best stuff around. Here are pictures of their space during a previous show:

If you are in Austin you can't pass up going to Uncommon Objects Antiques Shop on South Congress. If you are looking for special antiques that are different or unusual, this is the place to shop. The dealers in this shop finds things you don't normally see in an Antique Shop and the displays are fabulous. I know I've told you before, but I could hours in this shop and still see something new:

For the short drive down I-35 head over to Gatherings Antiques Shop in Georgetown Texas, which is located on Austin Street. Well worth the trip.

You'll find great things in both these shops.


  1. I LOVE the CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE. I've only been once about 8 years ago....but have never been back. We bought an old Victrola record player and 2 chenille robins egg blue 1950's bedspreads.

  2. Wish I could join you for this sale. Sounds perfect. Really enjoy (with envy) seeing and hearing about all the wonderful events in your part of the country. Give Linda and Ludmil a hug for me. Martha, Vintage Trifles

  3. Love the new header! You just keep getting better and better T!!


  4. love city wide - used to sell there right about the time that sami turned it over to chris - is he still running the shows - used to sell sami all the hallmark ornaments i could find -

  5. Hi Theresa. Love the new header on your blog! Keep posting all the great pictures -- I live vicariously thru you! Have fun at Warrenton/Round Top and sell out! See you next time at Canton. Remember -- we have the ENTIRE building starting this month. YEA!

  6. great blog...great tips... love citywide also... but have not been to the georgetown store,,,, ROAD TRIP !

  7. Teresa,
    We ventured up to Austin today for City Wide, then on to Georgetown to Gatherings. It was fabulous thanks so much for the tip on gatherings. Plus, we had not been to Georgetown in a number of years, I had forgotten how charming it is. It was a great trip. Counting the days until Warrenton,


  8. Seriously, I am DROOLING over these photos - just divine!

  9. Thanks for your beautiful pictures especially since you visited my hometown of Georgetown, Tx. I know what a jewel and charming town it is and how I miss it!Although I haven't been home for a year... due to your pictures I now own the round white wicker table because you are excellent in providing enough information for me to track the store and talk and make my incredible purchase.Missing the bluebonnets. With gratitude for sharing your generous heart and soul with us. This is my 1st blog ever.

  10. wow the City Wide Garage Sale-Vintage Market was awesome featuring all of the vintage products. My mom will surely enjoy those kind of stuff

  11. I'm planning a trip to Gatherings this month....thanks to your blog! Love all the pics you post of their place!

    You're the best!



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