Friday, April 18, 2008

Cleburne Tx

We headed out very early to an Antiques show in Cleburne Tx. Stay tuned for photos and hopefully great finds. I did find an awesome white metal garden table today at a sale. I'll post pics tomorrow. Happy hunting!!

Photo Credits: Cindy of Yapping Cat


  1. OK are having way toooo much fun with "our" Miss Linda and Ludmil! We want them back!!! How can we compete with the garden tours, Round Top and Prom party?? We are definitely going to have to step up our game a bit to try to lure them back...and maybe you might even want to move with them to the beautiful NW (I won't mention that it is supposed to snow this weekend IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL). :o) Keep it coming! One day Spring/Summer will finally arrive and we will show you how we do it in the NW!!! :o)

    J & J

  2. Hey sweetheart! Love all your news and photos as usual!! You are a gem and a treasure. Hey, can you do me a favor and let Shelley of Sweet Pea know that I can't leave a comment w/her as I can only do it if she has "anonymous" on her blog. Please tell her we so appreciate her kind words and enjoyed her and Rex's company. Can't wait to see her in the Fall!!! Blessings ya'll!!! Peg French Vanilla

  3. Hey! Can you give me info on the montgomery cty show in may? WHere is it, times ect? Thanks! Rosemary

  4. oh, one more thing! IS the june 5th
    deal at judy hill home? If so, can i get that info from you too? thanks again! Rosemary

  5. love the flea market in cleburne - didn't realize it was still going on -


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