Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Field Trip

Today we headed out very early to the Antique Alley sale at Cleburne Texas. I did find a few things that I'll post about tomorrow. Here's Aby's booth and she had really pretty bedding, that was already sold. I bought a few things from her:

I also found the zinc tub I've been looking for, but the $3000+ price tag made me think twice about it!! Funny, being so far away from home, how you meet up with friends. I saw Debbie and Dan and Shilo from Canton and Barbara from Bloom and Bee Swanky.

Here is me and Deb:

Dan, Debbie's husband, was the camera man today. I promise to take more pics of you Dan at the next show, hope you forgive me.

On our way hope, I had to stop at the Dove's Nest. This is one of their many display windows. It was my first time here and it was a really pretty shop:

I had to take pictures of Cindy's booth of Yapping Cat Studio--she had some really great things. She had a cool chippy white mirror I'm kicking myself now for not buying. I also noticed she too has a display window in her space, how cool to decorate it and change out with the seasons:

Deb, recognize the chairs:

They had created a cool vignette with old windows and a porch top:

These prom dresses were in a another shop in Waxahachie. You should start planning now for the next Junk Gypsy prom:

Our last stop was in Corsicana, but it almost seemed like a ghost town. Just about all my favorite shops have closed down. How sad and the more I talk to people the more I'm hearing that shops are starting to close. I did find a couple of things at the last shop we stopped at.

Until next time, T


  1. Love the photos of the Dove's Nest and Cindy's booth, too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by our booth. If you are interested, we can try to ship the mirror for you... Looks like you got quite a great bunch of stuff at 15 mile! -sherri

  3. Ohhh my gosh !! I have never gone to that but I just have to next year ! It looks like you got some amazing treasures !!!

  4. I love the Dove's Nest, I go there often! I hope you got to try some of their delicious food, too :-) I always make sure I stop by Cindy and Sherri's booth when I am there, there is always something fabulous to look at.

    Have a fabulous day!


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