Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Marburger Farms Antique Show

I really don't know where to begin since I literally took so many photo's of people, places, things, and friends, so I thought I'd break them down by show, parties, people/friends categories. Let's see if this works because I really have a lot to share with you.

On Tuesday, my friend Marion and I headed out to the opening day of Marburger. We normally wait until 2pm and then go, but because we were so psyched to get there early before all the great booths were dismantled, we were one of the first one's in line.

The first booth needs no introduction as she has been in the Country Living Magazine and just about everyone I mention her name to knows her. Now she has a good eye for finding the coolest things, that's Peg of French Vanilla. Peg if you are reading this I want to plan a shopping day with you:

Judy Hill really doesn't need an introduction as well. She too has been in many magazines and she could actually write a book on design, that's just how creative I think she is. She is by far my most favorite inspiration person. I absolutely love all that she does. Judy sets up each month in Canton in the Arbors when she's not at Marburger:

My friend Theresa Smith who was in the May 2007 Country Living magazine did a great job of decorating her space at Marburger. Every time I mention her, I hear many people comment on just how beautiful and unique her home is. I know that I'm attracted to her space because of all the white and neutral colors:

Shelley and her Sweet Pea husband were first timers at Marburger. I hope she received a huge Texas welcome since she and her husband are such sweet people. I was so glad to finally meet them after so many emails. Shelley did a great job of displaying her things at Marburger. Can't wait to see her space in the fall to see what new goodies she'll bring from Florida:

I had heard about Mo's space for sometime, but never really knew which one it was. Well I made it a point to definately check her out. She's just as creative as her sister Janet. I just loved how she put it all together. Great job Mo!!

I first met Linda Parker at the Austin City Garage Sale and then saw her space in Uncommon Objects Antiques in Austin and instantly loved her look. She repurpose things from their original use or makes something very different. She normally does a lot of black and white, which I love.

This is Donna's space. She was formally at Zapp Hall, but it seems that Marburger is going to suit her style. She's normally one of the first one's to attend the show and now she doesn't have to rush to it. Donna is such a sweet person and I will really miss visiting with her at the Zapp Hall show, but I wish her luck her at this one:

Last, but not least is Terri's space. She too formally set up at Zapp Hall. Terri and Jana have the coolest look, botanicals, garden furniture, and just wonderful things. It all looked so pretty, hope it went well for her too!!

Now you see why you don't want to miss the next Round Top/Warrenton show. There are so many talented dealers at these shows that have the best finds around. Make plans to attend the next one.


  1. Such wonderful eye-candy, thanks for the tour. I can't wait to spend some more time looking at your pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness! Did you think you were in Heaven??? I can't imagine seeing so many beautiful old things all in one place! Thank you so much for sharing photos with those of us who can't attend these wonderful shows.

  3. hey friend...thanks so much for the pics of my booth. I missed my Zapp family and the cool customers we have over there, although some of them found their way to Marburger and actually recognized us out of all of the fabulous booths there. Sorry i didn't make it over to see you, but i was by myself and didn't have lots of down time. I read your blog everyday, so i am keeping up with you. Your booth pics look great!What is your email so i can contact you about the show in a not so public manner? Keep up the good work! Terri Squyres

  4. great coverage Theresa
    I agree, Marburger had a super show this year!

  5. Wow!! So much stuff that I love!! I have GOT to go someday and I live so close I have no excuse! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!!

  6. How am I going to get any work done today? I'll be way too busy staring at all these wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Girl you know I'm reading your blog. Yours is my fav. You are so talented at decorating but you are also a treasure at reporting happenings. I'd love to shop w/you but let me tell you...we travel all the time. It's a bit crazy. There were so many great booths this show!!!! Very inspirational, too bad I'm homeless (well, RVing it)!!! Blessings to you Peg French Vanilla

  8. Hello, I just found your blog and all your photos are fantastic. Love seeing everything. Makes me want to jump in my car and haul it all home!


    Lynne Laura

  9. Hey girlfriend! Thanks so much for the mention and the compliments! I was in awesome company and I came home very inspired! It was so good to meet you in person and we had an awesome time there--you are the coolest and so pretty! I truly love you girl! Howdy to all my new Texas friends--we miss you already!

    Shelley (and Mr. Pea!)

  10. Thank you so much for posting all of these WONDERFUL pictures.
    It has been a few years since I last visited Roundtop. With school children involved in so many things,it is so hard to make the trip. So, your pictures are just a real treat!! Thank you again! I can't wait to read the next posting!!

  11. I am so jealous my eye just turned green and bulged. I wish I had gone!

  12. Beautiful pictures! I could stay on your blog for DAYS!!! I'm a TX gal & have never been these places ~ shame on me ~ soon to rectify that situation! :0)

    Angelic Accents

  13. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I want to go next year and from seeing all that eye candy...I better bring a U-Haul!!! Inge


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