Wednesday, April 09, 2008

People, Places, and The Prom

This past week was a blast with all the new people I met, the new friendships formed, and the old friendships rekindled. I was able to have dinner one night with Theresa and Shelley and husbands and it was so much fun. The best part was probably riding in the back of Theresa's box truck!! Thanks Craig for the ride!! Here's a recap of it all.

This is Theresa at the Restaurant we went to in Burton on Wednesday night, best chicken fried steaks around and it was a buffet.

Thursday evening was the Junk Gypsy Prom and what a blast we had hanging out with Lauri and Lulu, our new crazy friends from Georgia. They were so much fun!! I felt like I'd known them forever and we just met at this show.

That's Theresa with them, prom style.

The girls with Jose:

On to Prom Night, what fun seeing all the girls and guys dancing.  Here's a booth that had prom dresses ready.

Here's Lulu ready for the prom:

Now, just because you didn't bring a prom dress don't let that stop you from attending. As you can see you can even buy these at the show:

Here is Robin and John in front of Zapp Hall and this is their Magnolia Ride "Rosie" parked in front of Marburger:

Early in the week, I met up with Heather, Carol, and Shelly for the first time. It was so wonderful to meet them, what truly nice girls. Can't wait to hang out with them again:

Here is Micki and Brandi, so sweet of them to stop by. They usually sell their great things at Austin City Wide, check them out:

Here are the girls at the Leftover's Party. I'll post on this party tomorrow, so don't miss it. Great shop photo's and more eye candy.

Marion, Theresa and Shelly hanging out at Leftover's:

Heather held a blog party at Zapp and it was nice to meet all the bloggers that attended:

There's Carol, Jana, Cindy, Roxanne, Heather, and Kim.

Chris Brown, Cheryl of Stash Studios, and Heather stopped for a moment to take a picture, as did Theresa and Craig:

And, while I didn't take a picture of Debbie of Curious Sofa, it was so nice to meet her.

As we were loading up on Saturday I had to snap this shot of Hubby and Guillermo. Guillermo is always so helpful at Zapp:

This isn't the last post, I have much more to show you!!


  1. What fun you all were having! I enjoyed this post and pictures and the previous ones so much.

    I'm trying to catch up and so happy I came by here this evening!


  2. Thank you so much for your creative blog; especially enjoying the great pictures at the shows. I'm a friend and fan of Linda and Ludmil (that's how I found you). Willow Nest has long inspired my own efforts and now you have provided more inspiration, Texas style! Thanks again. I look forward to your next postings!!


  3. theresa - i'm lovin' the pics!! thanks for taking the time to take the pictures and then to upload them and describe what we are seeing!
    i didn't make it over - didn't get back from up north until late friday night and was afraid that i would spend three hours getting over to round top to find everyone packing up on saturday!
    but i can see from your photos that i really missed an amazing show.
    your "booth" looks fabulous and i think my pocketbook is really glad that i missed the show! LOL
    am anxious to hear how you did and maybe find a way to get over to the prison to see you and your treasures!

  4. Girlllll.....what a blast we all had in Texas!!! I already miss you!!!

  5. This whole get-together looks sooo, sooo, Texas! (says this proud Texan). And only in Texas would there be a theme party called " Junk Gypsy Prom". Loved these photos! Y'all sure were having fun.

    My bests, Devonia


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