Monday, April 14, 2008

Susie and Hector

The first weekend we went to Warrenton, I saw this awesome booth. I didn't at the time know who it belonged to, then, I discovered it belongs to Susie and Hector. I had posted pics of their space during a previous post, but I wanted to show you more of what they had to offer. I believe the field they are located in is called the Tin Star. Look them up this fall, I'm sure they will have more great things. They also sell at the City Wide sale in Austin between shows:


  1. You're killin' me in Iowa in the winter is like being sent to Siberia for restitution. Can't wait for the spring fleas to start, gettin' itchy and antsy for road trips. Thanks for the relief.

  2. Wow! Beam me up Scottie! (I mean Theresa)LOL. I think a road trip is order too! Beautiful pictures. Karen ~ Ciderantiques

  3. Thanks again. Every morning I come here 1st thing to get my inspiration for the day. Keep the pictures coming. Your blog is better than any magazine!
    bev e in western Canada where spring has finally sprung.

  4. Looks like a great booth! I may have to visit the City Wide Garage Sale soon!!

  5. Anita @ the Pink Funny FarmApril 15, 2008 at 11:55:00 AM CDT

    I never knew that Texas could be such a wonderful place. So much good stuff packed in there! You girls are very lucky!

  6. I love the moss covered branches above the display!
    You just gave me an idea for the roof on my porch at the store!
    Thanks for the photos!


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