Saturday, May 03, 2008

Montgomery Tx Antique Show

Today we were in Montgomery Texas for the Antique Show. The weather was nice with a cool breeze. So glad to have met Cathi, who says she's been a blog fan for awhile. Here are pics of our space:

The white cabinet really showed off my wasp collection and hornet's nest. Don't you think that ironstone and McCoy vases go with wasp nests.

Here's my version of Elizabeth's take on this table design. Thanks E for all your great and inspiring ideas. Her article in Romantic Homes was awesome as always. You've got to get the latest copy.

See you at our next show, T


  1. Your merchandising always amazes me - such talent you have! I wish I lived in Texas, so much talent and awesome finds. I look and look here at home to no avail .... can't wait for Round Top in the Fall. I'll definitely be stopping by. CANT WAIT!

  2. Great pictures. Your the first person I've met that "collected" wasp nests. And I thought my husband had an interesting hobby.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Wonderful! Beautiful! Your table tops are to die for. Keep those creative juices flowing, girl! Hope you have a fantastic show!!!

  4. Oh My Goodness! What a beautiful display. I wish I could have seen it. Your photos are sooooo much better now. We too sell wasp nests and can't keep them in stock lately. I have a few at the house that I have left to grow for a while in spite of my mail man. You can hardly get to the box - he he! Come see us soon! Bee Blessed! Amy B - Bloom & Bee Swanky!

  5. Your booth looks awesome and yes I loved Elizabeth's article this month in cute!

  6. It seems I adore everything you do and the wasps nests in the cabinet with the creamy McCoy pottery is so0000 ME! Hmmm, are you a Taurus by any chance?

  7. Yummy! I hope you didn't come home with anything left! I'd buy it all ! you continue to amaze and inspire!
    xoxo lulu

  8. I once tried to get a wasp's nest for my curiosities shelf. VERY important to make sure wasps have VACATED said nest.
    xo lulu

  9. Just perfect, wish I was back in Texas:)


  10. Awesome booth! You have your finger on the pulse of style girlfriend! Keep up the awesome job you do!

    Love Ya!


  11. Love the photos as always! Wow those hornets nest are HUGE!! I just found a big one on the side of our house yesterday, but it's weeny compared to those!! :)


  12. Hello from Cathi, your regular reader, who stopped by on Saturday to see you! I wanted to come back and linger (and shop) but the friend I was with got an emergency call from her family and I had to take her back to The Woodlands ASAP.

    Your booth was lovely, and I'm so glad you posted pix. I look forward to seeing you at another show! I'll bring my money (again!)

    Thanks for the "shout out".


  13. Love the wasp nest, anything organic really makes the booth pop with creativity...I want to be there...s

  14. Thanks so much for letting us know that Linda and Ludmil are okay after the tornado. I am from Kansas and know how serious they are! Love seeing all the shows you all do! Martha, Vintage Trifles

  15. Love the wasp nest collection. Very cool. And living in TX there is no shortage... I was in Canton on Friday. We were on the outskirts of town when the tornado hit. Glad no one was hurt. The rest of the day on Friday was very nice. Not too hot at all. Enjoyed The Veranda!


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