Friday, May 02, 2008

Tornado Hits Canton Tx

Linda called me this afternoon to tell me that a tornado hit Canton this morning. I had no clue since I've been in Montgomery all day setting up for the Antique Show. She said she didn't hear of any injuries, just several vendors had things broken when it came through. She and Ludmil are fine, in case any of her Washington friends are reading this. Thank God. Here are pictures from our shopping day yesterday in Canton. This is Linda and Ludmil's space:

This is Judy Hill's booth. I'm the proud owner of the pretty white cabinet:

This is The Veranda, Maggie and Lillie's space. They now have the whole building:

Last, but not least is Laurie's space; so pretty. Loved the "shed" she had in her booth:

We're in Montgomery Texas this weekend for the Antique Show. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


  1. I loved getting to meet you at Laurie's in Canton on Thursday. It was pretty exciting there this morning when that storm came through! Several outdoor dealers booths were torn up, some down power lines and a few trees, and a car was turned on it's side on the highway by the main gate (a few yards from where our cars were parked.) We headed to the brick bathrooms by the main gate when the sirens went off but that was after the twister had touched down. We were fortunate and thankful there wasn't more damage. It could have been alot worse. It turned out to be a busy day though after a breezy start this morning! Come see me sometime in Sulphur Springs!
    Hugs and Blessings!

  2. Thank goodness all are okay in Canton! Congrats on the white cabinet--it's really cute! Have fun girlfriend and hello to Linda and Ludmil and Judy!



  3. Good Morning! I heard about the Canton tornado, yesterday morning and thought about you!

    I love that white cabinet and the green arched top shutters(?)in one of the photos.

    Oh my goodness, J just talked to our oldest daughter, as I was typing. Some of the kids are at the lake this weekend. She told him, one of the sons in law was in a hotel in KC yesterday morning when the top blew off, during the tornado there. Those kids...I can't believe they didn't say anything, yesterday! Well...yes I can. He's okay!

    Stay safe down there in Texas during this tornado season!

  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures, they are so inspiring!! I especially enjoyed seeing Linda's booth, since I was a vendor at Willow Nest for 2 years in a row, before she and Ludmil moved... What a small world!
    I'm glad everyone is safe!

  5. So glad ya'll are ok. Everyone's booths look awesome as always. Love your collection of nests. Blessings. Peg French Vanilla

  6. Love it all, as always. Your shabby little white cupboard is sweet. I am curious and enthralled with the franken-chandelier that is handing above it. What is it and how is that made?

  7. oh fun! I must be oblivious since I didn't hear there was a tornado in Canton. Gonna have to make sure I visit that booth next time at Canton!

  8. Thanks for the tour. It was almost better than being there in person because this way I couldn't spend a dime!


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