Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Market

There's a Summer Market this Friday, July 18, on the grounds of Carolyn Westbrook's home, The Oaks Plantation in Chatfield Texas. Come experience an evening in the country with fabulous one-of-a- kind treasures with early buying starting at 6:00 p.m.

will have her signature CWH bedding and treasures, garden furniture, architectural items, there will be European furniture and accessories and Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest, will have a beautiful presentation of all things white with a hint of soft fleshy pink as an accent, French Linen sleep gowns and a lovely group of table top accessories with a romantic feel.

You'll experience a cooling touch to a hot summer day in the country... come and enjoy Carolyn's homestead under the old oak trees near her barn. Hors-d'oeuvres start at 6:00, $5.00 admission benefiting the Chatfield Fire Department.

Directions: 3043 NE CR 1030, Chatfield Texas. From I-45 South (toward Houston, past Ennis and before Corsicana) exit FM 1603, go East, left at stop sign. It is 5 miles to Chatfield, just follow signs. Approximately 45 minutes from downtown Dallas. Mark your calendars and plan to be there!!


  1. Oh Theresa...I would LOVE to go to this one girl....I love her taste, and Linda's too!!! Think of me sweetie while you're there...xxoo, Dawn

  2. This one is close enough that I might actually go. About 1.5 hrs. I'll have to see how my week goes.

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  3. Times like this I wish I lived in Texas, my sweet texas chick! - she says in her best Texas accent!!!! Hah, sweet pea!

  4. Hate to miss this one. I would love the white with pink accent items.

  5. Oh!!!!!!!!! I wish I could go see Carolyn Westbrook!!!! She is one of my favorite decorators!! I have her book!!!!

  6. Be still my heart. It looks fabulous! I love that first photo! Perfect!

    It's always a pleasure stopping by here.

    I just published my 200th post, yesterday, with a little giveaway. I'd love for you to come over and sign up!


  7. Hi Theresa...
    I'll be there in shopping spirit. How do you do it?
    Do ever unpack?
    Hey, I should know better with looking over all those great pictures...this is you. Do it while you can and enjoy every moment.
    Can't for the pictures...careful on the Hot Texas road.

  8. Oh torture! I wanna go! I have her book and to my surprise...her home is the exact one my friends live in here...and by the same name too! The Oaks is it? The foyer and staircase is just really exactly the same. I wondered if Carolyn has ever met anyone with the same house and if they would like to compare notes at all.


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