Monday, July 14, 2008

Talking Trash

When my friend Deb emailed me that she had started a blog, I was excited for her, but I really laughed when I realized what her blog name is "Talking Trash". Deb and her husband find the coolest things and they are so interesting to talk to. Yes, there was many times when I wasn't in my booth at Zapp Hall because I was talking to Deb. You'll have to check out her blog and if you are in Warrenton this next Spring, check out her space at Zapp Hall. You can't miss it, her tent backs up to Royer's Cafe. NOTE: unfortunately she will not be able to make in the Fall, so you will have to see what great things she brings in the Spring. Here's a preview of her blog:

Look at all the cool trophy's and things.

Here was her space during the Spring Show at Zapp Hall:


  1. Hi Ms.T. Hope you are doing great!! Hey, is there anyway to ask Deb to add Anonymous to her blog comment section? I've goofed up my google/blog thingme and can't change it. So I can only leave comments w/anonymous. I'd love to say hi to her and Danny. See ya'll in TX soon. Time if flying....can't wait. Peg

  2. 'Talkin Trash'...I love it, too cute. Well Theresa and Craig are poppin in tomorrow, can't wait to hear about the show, the crazy woman!!!


  3. Yum yum...can't wait to meet Deb. If I DID I don't remember b/c my girdle was toooooo tight...
    counting the days...
    xox lulu

  4. Hi Theresa! It's about time she got a blog! And what a great name..... I'm on my way to check it out right now! See you soon....Maggie

  5. Love her stuff! Wish I could come to see it in person...!

  6. Sounds and looks like my kind of girl! I'll go check her out.

  7. Why don't you hitch a ride with Linda and Ludmil up to the NW next month?? We would love to meet you!!! We plan on learning all of the TX slang while they are here. ;o)

  8. I just love talking "dirty trash", little sweet cherub! Ooooooooo, it just sends me into spasms thinking of all the trash we can talk......sayin' this in my best Texas accent!

  9. Thanks for all your help. In the words of Ralph Kramden-"You're the greatest, baby." Later-debbie


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