Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tyler Rose

You know Tyler Texas is well known for their roses, well this town should also be known for one of the most fabulous dealers. So a while back when my friend and I were in Tyler, we just had to check our Mo's space at the Rose Patch Antique Shop. Her space was absolutely awesome. We could have spent all day just in her space. I wanted to show you her fabulous things and if you are in the area be sure and stop by this shop. They are located at 117 W. Front Street. Mo also sets up at the Marburger Antique Show in the Spring and Fall. Here was her booth:

This cabinet was just full of wonderful treasures.

Look at all ironstone and butter pats!!

What a cute awning, she had two in her space.

Look at the cute glitter eggs and nests.


  1. I'm such a sucker for butter pats. Great photos!!


  2. You're right! This is a great booth. I had to look at the pics over and over so I could catch everything. You can tell she pays attention to detail and that can make or break you in the antique world. Nothing disappoints me more than a booth in a mall or show that has been thrown together with no thought or preparation. All the dealers that you present on your blog seem to have it together!

  3. I just discovered Mo's space as well. It is pure eye candy. I did buy something from her and got lots of ideas for my booth.

  4. Hello~
    Lovely pics! Very serene and relaxing to the eye!

  5. We are all suckers for ironstone in our shop but are finding it increasingly difficult to find. Is there anything better then walking into a shop & seeing white ironstone all lined up? Check out leolasantiques.com. We love the same things "Tyler Rose" loves.

  6. I want those butter pats! It's funny those strange little things that make your heart beat faster. I saw a picture where someone hung a collection of butter pats on a wall using tiny little plate hangers....so cute! Any ideas for using butter pats in an unusual way??


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