Monday, July 21, 2008

What Did I Find

I've had several inquire as to what I'd found on our trip, so I thought I'd show you:

**2 Horse Award Ribbons--SOLD
**23 Butter Pats--SOLD
**"Group" flash card
**Old Doll
**Black, White & Red Measuring Tape
**Small Trophy that says Champ (can't seem to part with it)
**Spools of Thread
**Hand Typed Drama Scene Book w newspaper clippings inside
** French Collar
**Shipping Labels
**Old Lamp Shade (not pictured)
**Tepco gravy dish
**pieces of trim
**2 spools of seam binding
**lots of old pictures
**3 really cool old stamps

It's all for sale if you are interested, just let me know. Except the trophy of course.

Also, thanks Mickie and Brandy for the bag of old hair pins. I have great ideas for using them!


  1. If ya found all that, sweet chick, you're 1/2 way to heaven!! *Smile*

  2. Theresa,

    Please let me know about the trophy ribbons.


  3. Thanks for the tour through your favorite shops. I can see why you love them so much. Very eclectic and interesting things you found. I like your taste!

  4. I love the amazing photos & displays! I'd like to add you to my links on my blog!


  5. And there is a really good reason why you didn't post the lampshade know I have this fixation for funky, ratty ol' shades...nice haul.


  6. Sound like you found some treasures! Good job!

  7. very cool stuff..guess I have to wait until September...
    ox lulu
    p.s. I'm surprised you-know-who hasn't driven to your house for those butter pats!!!!

  8. You know who wants those butter pats, but I'm stuck and the sewing machine....Can you email me with a price, Ms.T? Love all your stuff.....8 weeks and counting.....Lauri

  9. Theresa~

    Is your email address still good? I sent you an email or two that was returned. Just wanted to ask you a question.


  10. Amanda, please email me at and for the subject put "Your Blog" in case it goes to the SPAM folder so that I can catch it. Thanks, Theresa

  11. Are you sure you don't want to jump on a plane for our event???? If not, I will do my best to send back some Chili and Sweets from our competition. The only thing is, I think Linda and Ludmil will empty the containers on their long drive back to TX...but, that will be on them! ;o)


  12. You always find lots of goodies!
    I have given you the "Brilliant Blog" award if you want to play.
    Post the award and pass it on to 5-7 other brilliant blogs. You can also tell 5 random facts about yourself.
    Hope you play, but if not, no offense taken.
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. Hey Ms T:)

    Love everything!!! Did you sell your horse ribbons yet? Let me know would be interested:)


  14. Hi Theresa! I love visiting your blog. Could you let me know the details (color & cost) of the spools of seam binding if they aren't sold? Thanks!


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