Saturday, July 26, 2008

Etta Industry

For many years D'Ette Cole was part owner of Uncommon Objects and she was also known for creating the awesome Clutter Show. However, since selling both businesses and branching on her own she's now more involved in many projects, as you will see on her website, and is still an awesome stylist and photographer. This past week when we were in Uncommon Objects, Jeanette (one of the many awesome dealers there) mentioned that Linda Parker was featured in an article by D'Ette. If you are unfamiliar with Linda, she has a space in Uncommon Objects that I've featured many times, she sets up at the Marburger Antique Show and the Austin City Sale. However, this is a different side of Linda that I'm not sure we've seen before. She's very photogenic, and has a movie star quality to her. She so genuine and sweet and I think D'Ette captured such beautiful pictures of her:

D'Ette's home will be featured in the Cottage Living magazine this October.


  1. What a great photograph of Linda, she is so sweet, I suprised D'ette got her to pose for the picture. She has some great displays in her booth.

  2. What a great photo of Linda!I'm off to read mmore of this beautiful blog! :) chris

  3. I love this new found beautiful blog! Everything is just so gorgeous, this photo is lovely also! I'll be back often, Kimberly

  4. Loved the photos in your slide show!



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