Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dallas Finds

Since I'm sitting here deciding whether this storm is going to blow over or if the winds will pick up and I should go outside and secure my garden furniture that's all around my yard, or we'll just receive some much needed rain, I'd thought I'd share with you what I found in Dallas this past weekend. Here are my finds:

**Lamp shade frames that I'm going to use in a project
**base of vintage bird bath
**Vintage girl print
**Letter "T" thanks to Deb
**Black hat box
**Trophy's, I can't seem to have enough
**Great trim and millinery flowers, things that Gina sells at Country Garden Antiques
**My pendulum light I was on a mission to find, heat stroke and all!!
**Rare garden basket
**Wagon wheels
**Crucifix--can't have enough of these
**Vintage white light
**2 slip covers
**What I'm calling bones, because thats what they look like to me, but are actually electrical protectors that old houses had that electrical cords were ran through in the top of the beams
**A long huge awning--so many ideas for this at the Zapp Hall show. You'll just have to come out and see it.

I've had several emails wanting the addresses of the places we visited in Dallas, so here they are:

1. Deb of Talking Trash--If you see something in one of the pictures you might email her. There's a possibility it's for sale
2. Gina's shop, Country Gardens, is located at 147 Parkhouse St., Dallas, (214) 741-9331. I don't think she has a website, but you can call for more directions.
3. City View Antique Mall is located at 909 N Industrial Blvd # B Dallas, (214) 824-4136 and
4. Lost Antiques located at 1201 N. Industrial Blvd Dallas, (214) 741-4411

There are so many other shops we didn't have time to make it to. You might also check out Room Service on Lover's Lane and this website for more antique shopping. Have fun and watch the heat.


  1. Squeeeeeeal, ok, hands in the air, back away from the "frou-frou" and remain calm and ya won't get hurt, my little chickee!!!!!! Ohmygosh, that's fantastic! I think I'm gonna adopt Texas and move there for all the finds yer gettin', my little texas flower! Ya done good, pardner chick!!! ;-)

  2. You got rain? Heaven! Hey, where's the oil painting Cat Daddy presented you with-don't you want to share that with the world. lol

  3. Deb is trying to be a comedian. Now, I told her I can't share everything, some things have to be put in hiding until the right moment!! I will share this priceless work of art that only a true artist would appreciate the value and look of this Claude Monet reproduction. Keep watching.

  4. Hi Theresa! Thank you for your comments on my new blog! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and have found you to be very inspirational! You were my first comment! Yay! By the way, I noticed the silver trophies in your photo - any chance you have any that you would like to sell? I can't seem to find any out here in the midwest. I've been looking forever. Take care, Polly

  5. Did yall get much rain? We got a nice soaking, which we desperately needed! My daughter was up at Forest glen camp in huntsville till today. THeir electricity went out on sunday when they arrived and didnt' get restored till today. Did yall lose power too? The poor girls were up there for dance camp, and didn't get to dance at all! Anyways,,,,,,, I love the base for the birdbath you got! And the light fixtures :)

  6. I love the T and those wheels. I'm a sucker for wheels.

    View my blog at:

  7. I thought that lette T look familar..

  8. You found some wonderful finds in Dallas ~ I need to get my hiney there and go to some of those fun places ~
    I went to Canton on Wednesday and usually stay 2 days ~ it was too darn hot and you are right there were not alot of people set up outside ~ so needless to say, I stayed about 2 hours and then went home ~


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