Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hot Day in Dallas

Yesterday we had so many places to go to in a short time and some how seemed to make it to them all. We were headed to Deb's place in Dallas to check out her loot and to see our son, also in Dallas. But, before we made it there we made a quick trip, and mean quick not more than a hour, to Canton. It was so hot!! The minute I started walking I knew I wouldn't stay long. Besides, there weren't many dealers but I did find what I'd set out to find, a pendulum light. It was so humid that the short amount of time spent there was miserable. I finally told my husband, I thought I was going to pass out from the heat, so we loaded up and headed to Deb's. The truck registered 106 degrees. Our next stop was at Deb's. Her place was so beautifully decorated. I told her she should be in a magazine. Wow, she finds awesome things and displays them so cool!! I'll miss her at Zapp Hall this fall, but she'll be back in the Spring, also check out her blog. Here are pictures of Deb's place. Let's start with her Dining Room:

Look at this paper/cardboard mannequin, so unique. I also liked the pretty slip.

Different shots in her living room.

Of course every Texas cowgirl has to have white cowboy boots with hydrangeas!!

This vignette was on the wall in her bathroom.

Loved the mirror too in the bathroom!

This shot was the foot board of her bed. And...weren't these screens just fabulous!! She had one of each side of her bed.

Typewriter in her hall.

Okay, you probably know how much I love fish tanks, but can you see that spiral bra and slip on the side, now that really caught my eye.

This pretty lamp shade was found in Warrenton, she embellished it with vintage millinery flowers and the concrete lamp found in Dallas was just perfect married together.

She collects shell boxes and this cabinet was full of shell items.

This simple but yet pretty door frame with cheese cloth and an window just really spoke to me. Deb said she decorates it different at Christmas with a winter wonderland theme. I'll be back hopefully to show it to you at Christmas. Thanks Deb, Jen and Cat Daddy for your hospitality, lunch, and gifts.

By the time we reached downtown Dallas where our son was, the thermometer read 113 degrees!! Can you believe it. I knew that Dallas got hot, but I couldn't believe it was THAT HOT!! We wound up driving by Gina's shop, Country Garden Antiques, and I couldn't resist stopping. Gina also sets up at Zapp Hall and is so talented for finding unique things and displaying them. She's in the big tent by Carolyn Westbrook's place, so check her out this fall. Here are pictures of Gina's shop:

We also stopped by Lost and Found and City View Antique Mall. This is City View:

Check out these places the next time you are Dallas.


  1. Good evening. I sure hope you are a little cooler now. I remember when we lived in Az. it was very hot there also. But not so humid. I love the pictures of your friends house she has a way of using a fish tank, makes me want to go and find one. My first time here, I will visit again. Have a great week.

  2. Lovely decorating, but that heat woulda laid me low in the first couple of minutes! Whooooooooooa, that's sparking "HOT", girlfriend!!!!!!!

  3. Theresa-You are probaly the sweetest person on the planet, at least in Texas. Your photos made my house look way better than it actually is. Only blessings should come your way because blessings are what you send out. Jenn, Cat Daddy, and I truly enjoyed you and hubby stopping by. You don't have to wait for and invitation next time!

  4. OMG I love Debs house! I love all the Black, White, Red and Browns. She has a very good eye. And I loved Mos sisters shop, it was beautiful. Thanks for all the great pics.
    The Other Theresa

  5. Another great look into how the other half lives! I am so jealous of you living in Texas! Have a cool drink babe and see you soon!


  6. Lovely, lovely always. You bless us with such yummy eye candy. Thank you.

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  7. Ok - It's official - I think I have to shrink myself, mail myself to you, and have you put me in your pocket for a couple of weeks so that I can see all of these FABULOUS places where you go junkin'.

    I will be in Ft Worth before I head down to Round Top so now I know where to go while I am up in the Metroplex as well.

    Did you know that you were planning my Fall vacation? I need to get in contact with you so that you can share all your info before I hit the long road from Denver......P L E A S E (big whine).

    You ROCK!


  8. Now I remember why we burned the bras in the 60's, thanks for bringing back that scratchy, pointy nightmare...what great stuff they have, especially love the cement lamp, how cool is that!!!


  9. You brave girl! I am getting a bit nervous though. We've not hit 100 yet this year (officially) but it's in the solid mid-90s and humid. Will we melt?
    photos are so wonderful! thnks
    xox lulu-the-delicate-flower

  10. Wish I could of spent more time to chat.. And say bye.. Hope you come back for Christmas.. It shouldn't be as hot. But it is TEXAS we make no promise we have decorated with the AC on and shorts.. :)

  11. Please send me a list of your must go to places in Dallas. I've lived there 40 yrs. and I'm not recognizing the places your talking about. Are they in a mall? I'm in Dallas every 4 weeks to visit w/my DD so I'll go see.

  12. Its a nice n cool old stuff

  13. Hi! You always have the most glorious pictures! I just love your blog! And you find such neat places to shop ~ I'm very close to Dallas & didn't know some of these shops existed!!

    Thanks for always sharing with us!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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