Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday After Work

Today on my way home, I saw a lot of good things set up outside this house. I stopped and the lady was nice enough to let me go ahead and shop even though the sale doesn't start until tomorrow morning. Here's what I found:

**Vintage wicker planter
**Rose oil painting
**Cute small round table
**Silver bowl
**Ralph Lauren Bedskirt
**Liz Claiborne Pillow

Not a bad sale, in less than 5 minutes, on my way home. Wish everyday was like this!!


  1. Oooohmystars!!!! How lucky can one chick be???? You are indeed blessed by the heavenly shabby chic angel, sweetpea!!

  2. How lucky are YOU?!! I want it all :)!


  3. I've learned over time, and especially since it is now my livelyhood to do so, to never be too shy to ask if I can shop early if I see a sale being set up. Today I "curbed shopped" an old birdcage that I intend to paint pink and put in my shop. There was a time when I would die before I would pick something up on the side of the road.Antiquing can make you a much braver person don't ya think?

  4. SCORE Ms T.!
    Lucky and just up your alley. Of course the way I shop some folks would call it grand theft!kidding!
    oxox lulu

  5. Oh my gosh - why don't I drive by sales like these, ahead of time?
    Love the little small table!

  6. O.k. thats it...I need to go shopping with you!!! So glad you stopped by my blog. I am new to it and just find yours to be so inspiring(as you know)By the way, what did you pay for all those treasures????? Take good care, Chrissy

  7. You found some wonderful things! I wish I could happen upon a sale like that.


  8. Suuuure you were just driving by...sounds like a Joe stunt of "stalking" the garage sellers! LOL Btw, not sure if we still have those butter pats, but when we unpack for the Willow Nest show, we will lool for them and send them back with Linda and Ludmil as a gift for you. :o)

  9. Great stuff. I wish I could find a sale like that. :) xoxo, Joanna


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