Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Texas Shopping Events

There are three Shopping events you can attend this week in Texas. The first is at Curious Goods in Malakoff Texas, which started today. They are having a clearance sale this month and I'm sure you'll find great things. Check out their website for more info.:

The next sale is at Gatherings Antiques Shop in Georgetown Texas. They are having a warehouse sale very early tomorrow, at 8:00 am. You might want to get there early for this sale. Click here for more information.

The final sale starts tomorrow as well, which is the Canton Texas Flea Market. There are so many great dealers that are going to be there, despite the heat and humidity, and this one event you don't want to miss. Just go early so you get a head start on the heat.

(vintage photo of Dry Goods store)

Let me know what you find if you go.


  1. I've heard so much of Canton Flea Market but have never been and no hopes of ever going. I'll live my life through you chicks!

  2. Well, you must know the WINNER of the chili cook-off will have to make a special fresh batch just for you (those "greedies" ate it all)!! Now if I can just remember exactly how I made it....


  3. I think I see my mom in the that my leg sticking out from under the table? She started us bargain hunting at an early age!
    Your blog is a delight!!

    See you soon!!! I am counting down the days too!

  4. Hi Theresa,

    I tried to e-mail you back, but couldn't get there!! The necklaces you asked me about are Natalies...I am sure you know her...Lindas friend!!


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