Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is It Fall Yet?

Whenever we take a road trip I find this is the best time to catch up on magazines that I normally don't get to look at that often. So, as we were headed to Austin yesterday and I was all comfortable in the back seat, my guys were up front, and I was flipping through several of my new magazines (lost, entranced in the pictures), I begin to wish, okay dream, that cooler weather was headed our way.

I was hoping for some sign that the Fall weather was actually going to hit Texas this year and not just barely pass our way, I came across an article on pumpkins.

Besides Spring, I really love the Fall season. Pumpkins, soups (because it's normally too hot any other time of year in Texas to make them), stews, gumbo's, Fall decorating, visiting my friend's house for the coolest Vintage, I mean old Halloween things you've ever seen, were just some of the things that came to mind. I thought I'd share some of the inspiring pictures with you:

I love white pumpkins. I've ordered a load from Missouri for the Fall Show. If enough of them are brought to me, I'll have some for sale!!

I really liked the green knobby look of these pumpkins, they reminded me of candied apples, sort of.

Of course, you can't do Fall decorating without including a bird bath.

(Photo credits: Victoria Magazine & BH&G)

P.S. 32 Days until Zapp Hall!!


  1. Hi Theresa. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    The antique mall is located between Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.

    There are many here to choose from in every direction. All the things pictured on my blog will be sold and gone by tomorrow. Fast turnover here if they are nice.


  2. Great photo's! Love pumpkins and all things fall myself...alas...I bet we have about two more months before it even begins to think about being cooler. : D


  3. Theresa
    its all your fault this blogging stuff. thanks for urging to get started I always love the fall and the rich colors.

  4. I loved seeing the Fall photos. yes, it will come! I can not wait! I think it's my favorite time of the year. It gets me in the mood for nesting and baking and cooking are one of the things I enjoy most. Of course I always love antiquing in the Fall took, but any time of the year is always fun for that! I have opened a new shop on my website. A Christmas Shop. I hope you'll take a look.

    Happy day

  5. Fall mustn't be far away up there cause I smell spring in the air down under.

    Anna ;)

  6. Such pretty Fall pictures! I can't wait for cooler weather--NC summers are too hot for this midwestern gal! :) Pumpkins, fall leaves, crisp air, yummy treats, & let's not forget new wardrobe (hehe)!! lol


  7. Good morning, yes I do think fall is in the air!! Isn't it funny how it just seems to happen over nite? I have already started making tiny changes to my vignettes,it's my favorite season for home decor!!! Take care, Chrissy

  8. I loved that article too, T. That black cat looks exactly like my Bo. Hows the weather there? Still hot? Will it get cooler at night? This is 50 questions.... Lauri

  9. Anita @ The Pink Funny FarmAugust 31, 2008 at 11:41:00 PM CDT

    I just love reading your blog....but I have to say, have ya ever seen us on the weather channel?! We're that little speck of white, in the middle of the bright pink, in the middle of the dark red, in the middle of the light red and then the orange....get it? THE hottest place in the entire country!!! Nobody wishes for fall more than we do at this time of your post was especially entertaining tonight.
    It seems as though, all you ever get to do is travel and shop...gee, how lucky could a girl be? One of these days, we ARE going to make it out there!


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