Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Places To Visit

I wanted to introduce some new blogs to you. Each are unique in their own way and I'm sure are bound to become favorite places for you to visit. Let me start with my friend Renee's blog, A Junk Queen. I'm sure I was one of those that has kept bugging her to get one going, among other's out there!! Since I think she comes across such wonderful things, maybe she can now entice you to become the new owner of her finds, hint, hint. She'll be in Bar W, way before I get to Zapp Hall, so be sure to go early and check her out:

(This was her booth during the Red Barn Show in June in Round Top)

Next, check out Don's new blog Detour Design. He has a booth in Uncommon Objects in Austin and also sets up at the Marburger Show in Warrenton. I usually stand in his booth in UO for a while and just stare at his things because he finds the most unique items. Love his style!!

(You can see some of his signature items as displayed in this booth)

The last new blog that I want to introduce to you really needs no introduction. We've loved her style, books ,website and video's for a while, but now she's branched out into blog land, is Rachel Ashwell:

(Photo credit: Rachel Ashwell)

Check out these places!!

Oh BTW, only 35 days until the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Shows!! In case you are counting the days!!


  1. I stumbled on you blog and really enjoy it. Then I was surprised to my store/blog listed under inspirational places, thanks. Country Roads is such a huge part of my life, and its just pretty cool for me to come across it like I did. I love your blog and thanks for the link to Rachael Ashwell. She has shopped with us over the past ten years off and on, and is always such a nice person. Again, I enjoy your blog and will be stopping by often.

  2. Thanks for the heads up one new blogs to visit and new friends to be made. have a great Friday


  3. SO GLAD you posted about these blogs!!!! You are the best
    xoxo lulu

  4. Very cool places! Thanks for sharing! Jen R

  5. Thanks for the link to Rachel Ashwell's blog. She is such an inspiration. I've been reading your blog for months now and finally started my own. We are hoping to visit the Texas shows next year. Do you recommended the Spring or the Fall or are they equally as wonderful? I'd love some insight. Thanks , Sue


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