Monday, August 18, 2008

So Many Places

I really have a lot to share with you about our trip to Austin this past weekend, which actually began way before we even arrived in Austin. As were were passing Rockdale, this shop "Antique Queens" had caught my eye several times was open. I almost slammed on my breaks to stop because normally we either go through too early or too late and I'd really been wanting to see it. Well once inside, we weren't disappointed. It was really funny as were were standing in this one booth that seemed so familiar to us. I told my friend Marion that I really really liked this booth and she said no wonder were were attracted to it, because it belongs to Janet of Rubbish. Here are pictures of Antique Queens:

This was Janet's booth:

Next we were on to Georgetown to Gatherings. Every time I come to this shop, I always see they've brought in new merchandise and redone the store. That's what I love about this place, nothing stays stale for very long. They had their Fall and Halloween decorations out and it looked so pretty. Enjoy the tour:

Next, we hurriedly ran into Antique Gallery in Round Rock to see Micki and Brandy and Susan's spaces.

Once our space was set up, we were off to Uncommon Objects. Here are picture's of our booth:

Of course Uncommon Objects is always a new experience every time you come into this shop. You'll never know what you'll find, or what new dealers, may have moved in. Speaking of new dealers, Micki and Brandi are now located in Uncommon Objects, congratulations to them!! Here is their new booth:

Here are pictures of more great dealers in this shop:

Here are some of the fabulous dealers that were at City Wide. This was Hector and Susie's booth. Be sure and look for their spaces at The Rose of Texas Show and The Tin Star Fields in just a couple of weeks in Warrenton:

This is Linda Parker. She'll be at the Marburger Show in October. Doesn't she look pretty!

We went to all of these places and this was just Friday. We did go back to Uncommon Objects on Saturday because you can't see everything in just one day. To see more pictures of these places, visit Margo's blog. We must have just missed each other by a few minutes. Thanks to all the customers that came out and bought. It was really nice to meet Terry, owner of Curiosities in Dallas and Jill and John, owners of Eighty-one in Sulphur Louisiana. I'm told that both their shops look like Uncommon Objects. I feel a road trip coming on!!

Don't forget that the Round Top/Warrenton shows are only 38 days away!!


  1. T. It was bound to happen. You finally captured the ghost in the mirror. Check out picture #3 under Uncommon Objects and look in the small mirror on the right hand corner. See the face? We saw it immediately. Is there an episode of Ghost Hunters in the future for you? See you at Zapp!


  2. Loved your setup and especially the paper flowers. Janet is a personal favorite of mine. I love her displays. You have got to be exhausted!

  3. Wow!!!! Everything looks so good. Your booth looked amazing. I know you had a ball. You rest up and I will see you real soon!!!!! Lauri

  4. Girlfriend chick, do you NEVER stay home?!?!?!?! LOL Come meet Miss Molly in th' blogs! I dare ya, sweet chick!! LOL

  5. T-
    Great pixs. Have you ever been to Curiosities in Dallas. If not, you would LOVE it. And warning: You will need three days to see every detail - the place is really big and packed full of great finds.

    See you in Warrenton.

    Peace & Love,

  6. Who needs to go to Paris when middle America has so many beautiful treasures!

    I love going shopping with you.

    Anna :)

  7. Hi, this comment is for Kim, who made a comment about the ghost at Uncommon Objects. Believe it or not, I had an encounter at that shop on Friday which I believe was a ghost! It's my first experience with something I wasn't sure I believed in, and I've been trying to find out if it's a known haunted place. Your comment makes it sound like it certainly is. Can you give me more info? Thanks! Sherry

  8. Sherry, I tried to access your profile to respond to you, but it didn't allow me to. I've never heard that this place is haunted nor have I ever had any uneasy feelings (this is how I normally gauge a place) about this shop. So, what happened to you here?


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