Friday, September 05, 2008

So....who will you see at the Antique Shows?

Well to answer your question... Lots of people, all famous people, fun people, crazy people, you name it, if you've ever been to Warrenton you've probably seen them at one time or the other. Have you never been? Oh my, what have you missed out on. You can't miss another show!! You have plenty of time to get ready. Actually, you have 20 days until the shows start!! What will you need, well that's a very detailed question. Money for one or a very rich good friend, really comfortable shoes, a shopping cart or bag, lots of water, sunscreen, snacks (or you can get really good food at different places) like Royers at Zapp Hall. You have to try their Buttermilk pie or any of their awesome food they have. You can also find kettle corn in the different fields, some of the best homemade cheese sandwiches I've ever had on homemade bread (and yes, you could get that any day but not like these), BBQ, you name it! Oh, don't forget your prom dress, cowboy boots, and'll need it on Thursday October 2nd for the prom!! You'll just have to come and see for yourself, words can't describe this awesome show, so what are you waiting on? Okay, so you want to see these famous people, well here they are:

He's famous I'm sure, at least in his own mind!

Now, everybody knows Bobby, right!!

There's Chris of Urban Prairie and Sheryl of Stash Studios.

The famous Marburger Boys with the Chippy Girls.

Of course everyone knows Robin and Jon of Magnolia Pearl.

The famous UO girls, Brandi and Micki, whose booth is located at Uncommon Objects.

Lisa and Magpie are famous for making jewelry and are located in the big tent at Zapp.

All these celebrities Lauri, Lulu, Theresa and Shelly with Jose can be found at the Prom.

Famous Dakota, all the girls loved him!!

Kim and her daughter who make the most awesome necklaces.

There's Theresa and famous Craig who makes one of a kind lamps!

Famous blogger girls at the Blog party!!

Famous Deb and daughter Jenn--so going to miss you, but you'll be back in the Spring!

Famous Willow Nesters, Linda and Ludmil.

Another famous guy, can't remember his name, but he was quite a hit at the last prom!!

Famous Bar W crew, Susan, Andy and Renee.

Okay he's famous (shh it's Brad Pitt) but I don't think I've seen him at the shows if I had know!!

Gotta go, I think the beach is calling me!!


  1. i did see dennis quade one year at marburger - walked right past the front of my booth at a quick pace - right as i turned to head out of my booth - i almost ran right into him - scared me and he kind of side stepped and kept right on going - doesn't matter - you do kind of tingle inside when you get that close to a celebrity - but then i am star struck - wish i could make the sow this year - i really miss it -

  2. I think you are the only chick I know that knows all the vendors at all the shows in the state of Texas and quite possibly the surrounding borders, sweet antique chick!!! I think you're famous!!!!! LOL

  3. Ms T...stop the madness. I'd say we're more infamous than anything else...thank goodness a new Prom is upon us...maybe you'll LOSE that girdle girl!

  4. Ahh...You remind me of how much I will miss this show. The spirit of the show, the people, the ideas, the stuff. Man. Y'all have fun!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh wish I could be there!!!!!!!!
    Looks like a blast!


  6. Theresa~

    I hope to make it someday! My husband and I keep saying we are going. I can tell how excited you are! I know you will take good pictures and I will feel like I am there!


  7. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! But you forgot the most famous celebrity and that is Y-O-U!!!!!!! Everyone knows to look for Texas T!!!!! Our favorite......Lauri @ Chippys

  8. T !!
    I can't wait to be part of this wonderful fun time! My hubby and I are really anxious for the next 3 wks. to pass..wooo the market basket ready..comfy shoes.. $ stash (wink)..I want to try Royers buttermilk pie (yum) there a place in town that boards pets?? Thanks for all the info you pass to us..deb

  9. Oh My .. I do hope that last item is for sale. I do believe it would be priceless, tho!

    Can't wait to experience this all for the first time. Having all those garage sales and selling the outgrown childrens clothing at consignment sales has paid off for me this Summer. Will be there with bells on and cash in hand!!!!!


  10. I am planning a trip in the Spring...with some of my peeps!! Have a great show this month!! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!!

  11. Hey-don't forget, he was filming a movie in Smithville. He could show up so don't forget the lipstick!.

  12. T
    you really need a better picture of the BAR W crowd, Andy looks fat.
    I am packing everyday.

  13. Oh lord, I've got to get you another picture of me. That one of us after spending the day setting up has got to go, NOW! I've already burned that shirt.

  14. You are a hoot, thanks for the honorable mention!!!! we are as excited as you are and are counting the days as well!!! Do you have your prom dress ready????? See you soon my sweet little TEXAS friend, love Linda

  15. Well there's just one problem with this post--and it ain't the pic of Brad the bod Pitt!! Where is a pic of you???? YOU are the most famous of all of us!!!! Next time turn the camera on yourself or better yet get Brad to take your pic!!!

    Love Ya

  16. I'd much rather take a pic of Brad or you guys!! I'm better at taking pics than having mine taken, ha ha!!


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