Saturday, September 20, 2008

Warrenton News

As promised I wanted to give you an update of what's going on at the shows. There were a lot of dealers starting to set up in the fields. I walked briefly to see if anything caught my eye and boy did it. I don't have any pictures to post tonight because we are at my son's house. Once we get back home tomorrow I'll post pics.

Just thought I'd tell you how our day started. Many obstacles, distractions, or blessings depending on how you view situations. The first was 5 miles heading out of our town was a really bad wreck with fatalities. A utility truck hit a car head on and burst into flames, so sad. We had to turn around and go the long way, so we didn't get to see the wreck. Please pray for these families.

The second incident was between our town and Brenham, we almost had a blow out. That took time as my husband changed the tire, then just this side of Burton the truck started to over heat!! He just put a new radiator in the truck so unsure why this happened, it didn't overheat anymore as we headed to Warrenton. We finally got there 4 hours later, when it normally takes about 1 1/2 hours. Our boys came out and helped us today. It was so nice to have them both there. What a day!! At least we are safe and sound, tired, and will be heading out again early tomorrow morning.

The gas prices aren't too bad around $3.70, so for those that have emailed about this concern didn't think this was too bad!! No there's not a gas shortage and a clerk at one of the stores said they are not having a shortage on food or ice. So everything's in order, the only thing missing is YOU!!


  1. Wooo Hooo - the party begins! Thank you so much for the post! What a horrible start to this event tho. How incredibly sad for those families involved in the accident. We will definitely pray for them and their loved ones.

    See you next week!


  2. You are making me sooooo jealousssss, sweet antique chick!!! SHeeeeeshhhh,

  3. Hi Ms T. Boy, I must really be old. There is no way I could be set-up for 2 1/2 weeks... Possibly, these people make lots of money... I know some people set-up at Excess and then go over to Marburger. That means two set-ups and two load outs. That would kill me!!!! Can't wait to see the pix. What did you buy? kisses and blessings. Peg

  4. Your troubles are behind you now, girl. Henceforth, enjoy tons of sales, heaps of bargaining, and happy treasure gathering.

    The Texas Woman

  5. T-
    Will be checking in with you on Saturday. See you then.


  6. I will be there on Friday!I can't wait,I went in the spring and it was great.

  7. Hi. Thanks so much for the great pix of the show; have wanted to go for years and planning for Spring. Your pix and fun make it irresistable. I am a junktiquer too and a good friend put me on to your blog; I love it. I just started my own "attempt" at a blog and invite you to visit and tell me what you think! Praying for the families in the accident. Blessing, Carrell


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