Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Show Time

This will be my last post before the shows start. We'll head to Warrenton on Wednesday and I probably will not have internet/computer access until after I get back on October 5th. For those that can't make it out to the shows, stay tuned for some great photo's, along with pictures of old/new friends, stories, junk and most definately there will be fun, fun, fun.

I'm sure I'll find treasures a long the way and who knows what else will catch my eye. I did find out today that among my friends there is a celebrity that made the Warrenton News!! But, I won't spill the beans, I'll keep this under wraps until she decides to announce it. So, if she doesn' know I will!! Yes, I've told her I want to be her Agent. Her partner in crime will just have to step aside, sorry %$^&*$ (that's her name, see if you can figure it out)!! And for those that do know DO NOT TELL!!

Okay, now that I have your attention, you don't want to miss this show if you are any where in Texas near the Round Top/Warrenton towns. There are some awesome dealers coming this way and you know there will be over the top displays, that pictures just don't do justice to. You have to see them in person!!

Also, after Heather hosted the first blog party at Zapp Hall last Spring, I received several inquiries into if there would be another one for this show. Yes, there will be a party!! Mark your calendars for the 2nd BLOG PARTY to be held at Zapp Hall, on Sunday, September 28th at 3:00 PM in my booth!! I am located right in front of Zapp Hall. If you are standing at the front steps, my tent backs up to the hall on your left!! Come out and meet other bloggers or those that have websites. If you don't have a blog, no need to worry you are still invited!! If you love JUNK just come out and have fun with us!!!

Here's a preview of what I saw this weekend:

Our sons had been with us all day and were heading out. So glad they were there!! Look out girls, they are single!!

Preview pics of Renee's booth, she's located in Bar-W by the Porta-Potty Row:

This is Melanie's booth. She's located by Das Blue Haus & Field:

Loved the vintage Halloween items she had and the trophy.

Lizzie Lou's in Round Top with her Tijuana Taxi:

Don't forget to also attend these parties:
**CLUTTER Opening Day Party on Friday, September 26th @ 4PM
**Leftover's Antique Shop Party, Saturday September 27th @ 6pm. Mary Emmerling will be there signing her book.
**2nd BLOG PARTY at Zapp Hall on Sunday, September 28th at 3:00 PM, in my booth!
**Marburger Show opening day, Tuesday, September 30th!! Update: Robin Brown along with Country Living will be with her to sign her first book.
**Leftover's Antique Shop will host another book signing on Tuesday, Sept. 30th at 6PM. Sue Whitney will have her book available "Junk Beautiful".
**Junk Gypsy Prom on Thursday October 2nd at Zapp Hall!

See ya there!!


  1. Hello Theresa...We're on our count-down days!!!Yippeeee!! Is Robin 'Pearl' Brown signing her Country Living Book too?? OH Boy..I have so much to look forward too..We are driving over on the 30th..I really wish I could be there for the blog party..Thanks for sharing..Deb

  2. Whew! That's a lotta fun to cram into one week, but we're living proof it can be done. See you Fri. Deb

  3. Can't wait for the big celeb reveal...although I may have heard the lil' secret from a lil' birdie already...HA...have fun girls!!!
    Sell bunches Theresa!


  4. Be safe and I hope you sell LOTS!
    One of these days maybe I can come too! Have fun!

  5. YEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW! I can not stand it. SO CLOSE yet so far.
    Three days from now we'll be on that Delta jet winging it to TX!!!!
    oxoxoxoxoxxo lulu

  6. Looking forward to all of your fabulous pictures!!!! ~Mandy

  7. Oh...I really, really am going to try and make it this year ! Spec for the blog party!



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