Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leftover's - What a Party!!

I always look so forward to attending the Leftover's Antique Shop Party. Their displays are just indescribable and over the top. They can take something and by the time they have put their touch on it and displayed it your mouth just falls open.

Here's TOT, Cowboy Craig, Shelley, Deb, and Brian and Melanie:

Here's the gang, Shelley, TOT, Laurie and our new friend Bonnie (so nice to have met her what a true Texas jewel she is), Lulu and Ed:

Here's Laurie with Michael:

There were so many things to see that you will have to check out the slide show I've created to see it all.


  1. Quite a wild crowd you hang with T...I am so jealous!!! I would love to see this shop, have read so much about it. Pictures are awesome.


  2. Those pictures are fantastic! Makes me wish Christmas was coming a little sooner! Take care, Becky

  3. What a fun night we had! I love Leftovers it's one of my favorite stores. I am enchanted by all the displays there!

  4. Theresa -- I have finally figured out how to leave a comment and wanted to send you a great big THANK YOU for all your wonderful postings. You were my very, very first "favorites" (aka "bookmarks"?) Heard about you from friends Linda and Ludmil and have followed you faithfully ever since! I'm new at blogging but you are my inspiration (if you want to see mine, it's, but I've done enough to recognize how much effort you put into your blog and want you to know how much you are appreciated, especially your wonderful slide shows! Thank you again,Marilyn

  5. Wow--that brings some great memories! It all went by way too fast! Just one question--where was Mr. Pea in all the pics? Must have been hobnobbing!

    Miss You!

  6. Leftovers, is a antique lovers Disney Land, The decorations are amazing. I love the talent displayed there. When I die I want my ashes spread there, by Theresa Cano, LuLu and Lauri.


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