Thursday, October 09, 2008

All in the Family

On Thursday September 25th was the opening day of the Cole's Antique Show. I couldn't wait to get to Janet Romaine's space. I can always count on her to find the coolest things and of course I was not disappointed this time. She also has such a knack for putting displays together. As soon as I walked toward her space I noticed Deb of Curious Sofa. It was so nice to meet her, what an inspirational person she is. I also really enjoyed visiting with her at the Leftover's Antique Shop Party (which is a whole other post in itself):

My favorite item Janet had for sale was the sheep picture I bought which now hangs proudly in my office and the second item was her mannequin named "Tex". Should have bought him! He's was just too cute, here's his pic:

Janet's sister Mo sells at the Marburger Antique Show, so as you can see how talented Janet is, Mo is just as equally talented for finding and displaying things, but we had to wait until Tuesday to see her. Not to jump ahead but I did want to show you a preview of her items. I will do another post on the awesome dealers at Marburger.

I also was so fortunate to meet their brother Sport, who is also in the business. He owns a shop in Midland Texas, Rubbish, and if you are ever that way you should stop in and check him out. Acccording to Deb of Talking Trash they have some awesome stories to tell about growing up. To read more about this wonderful family click here or here. Great job girls. See ya in the Spring!!

Okay, my blogger friends, I have taken so many pictures....over 350 and I really want to show you everything that was at the shows. Yes, to entice you to start making plans for the Spring Shows. I'll do many more posts on the Zapp Hall Show, Marburger, the Blogger Party (you don't want to miss this post), all the great people I met and things I saw, the Junk Gypsy Prom Party, the Leftover's Party (oh what a great time we had), and so much more!! Stayed tuned!!

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I'm sure there are many many more blogs who also went to the shows. Please let me know if you went and I'll add you to the list.

Check out more pics of Janet's things:


  1. Theresa, My Texas Cowgirl hat has to tip to you. I want to know before the next Spring in the world you manage your space and yet have time to get out and see all of these great things to encourage all of those readers out there to get there hind-ends to Texas. You are just tooooo much! You do such a great job at covering all of the highlights....again....thanks for all you do to keep people informed about such a great event!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Through your blog, a lot of people including me of course have a chance to read and learn from.
    I have read some of your post and I really enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks again and looking forward for more of your posting soon!

  3. Ahhh, you should have bought poor little nude Tex.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.

    The Texas Woman

  4. Wow, looks incredible! I wish I could've gone!~ I put your blog link on my blog!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Hey Girl,

    Seems like we played cat and mouse during the show...I just missed you everywhere I went.THANK YOU for keeping me in your loop of blog lists....I appreciate it!

  6. Hey T, miss you so much. Thanks for the shout out. Wish we had gone to Janets booth sooner, looks like she had some great stuff before we got there even though we managed to buy a load when we did get there. She is just the sweetest thing, and we loved meeting Mo this time too. Later, Lauri @ chippys

  7. Thanks for sharing all the great places to visit. Not the same as attending but at least we get glimpses of all the fun and treasures. Pam

  8. I don't think you miss anything at the big show! I am amazed that I LIVE HERE, and don't get out and see half of what you take the time to photograph! Just what kinda shoes are you wearin? I need that kind. I always enjoy your blog! So much fun. PJ


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