Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Austin Outings

The first Friday the Chippy's arrived in Texas, they hadn't been here not even a good hour and TOT and I were rushing them to hurry up and arrive in Warrenton because we had been waiting for them. Check out their version of this trip here.

You ask why we were so anxious for their arrival, because we had planned a trip to Austin Tx to see Uncommon Objects and to eat at Guero's Taco Bar (FYI: I received a lesson in pronouncing Guero's from my buddies at Zapp Hall. We had been pronouncing it the way it is written Guero's, but I was politely informed it is actually pronounced Wetto's. I should have known this being hispanic and all, but I guess I just let the American way take over. Thanks guys for the lesson).

I have to say that driving with the Chippy girls to Austin was an experience in itself. Laurie, the driver, decided that she would rather turn her head and talk to TOT and I in the back seat so we put baby on auto pilot to drive us instead. That worked much better for us all. That way Laurie could still drive and turn her head if needed to talk to us. We also had Patsy the navigation system directing her to turn down the right roads. I’ve made the correction from “Lucy” to Patsy since Icouldn’t remember what she was named.

There's Baby, thanks for a safe trip Baby!! We would travel with you anytime.

We all wore Uncommon Objects T-Shirts to celebrate our arrival. Here's Lulu in public putting hers on. A lot of whistling could be heard:

Awesome booths at Uncommon Objects:

There's Don and Lulu. Check out Don's blog:

Check out the slide show for more pics of our trip:


  1. More great pictures and stories from our boots-on-the-ground reporter, Theresa!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Hey girl, what fun we had in Austin. You know Lulu is going to stroke out when she sees that picture of her and Don.....Miss you already, Lauri @ chippys

  3. Just been revived from my stroke...the GPS is PATSY. I like Lucy but Patsy suits her since we named her a 'Texas-sounding' name.
    great shots! great times!
    ox lulu

  4. Thanks so much for the visit to my blog. I'm new at this so will add you as soon as I figure out how...Lol! I love your blog, all the inspiration and oh how I want to go to that show someday. Seeing the pics makes me melt. Cheryl aka..Cherylsfascinatingfinds...aka fascinatingfinds

  5. HI Just a delight to see your blog. Blessings Denise

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! That can be dangerous turning your head while driving though - but understand since talking is so much fun with girlfriends.

    I saw your booth over at Polly's and just had to come say how much I love all your items - it was like dreamland looking at the beautiful objects. Wish I could have seen them in person and possibly taken a couple home. You have great style!

  7. I can always count on getting a huge dose of style & inspiration from your blog! Thanks!


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