Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking for Treasures

This past week when we went to the Canton Tx Flea Market, of course we went to see some of our favorite vendors, Laurie of Laurie Anna's Vintage Home, Lillie of the Junk Palace and Margaret of The Veranda, Melanie of The Seed Box Antiques and of course Judy Hill of JHillDesigns. Even though the weather probably kept a lot of vendors away, since there weren't many on the grounds, we still managed to find a few treasures. Here are pictures of Judy's booth:

Stay turned for a special post of Judy and Melanie later this week.


  1. Love that old wire Cage in the second picture, Thanks for sharing

  2. Hopefully I'll get to see you at Judy's. Tn'T

  3. this is screaming come on in!!!!

    wishin'I could just pop over.

  4. what wonderful things and love your tunes, very much.


  5. Love the pictures and the cage. What a neat booth. Would love to be there.

  6. I wanted to go but decided not too. I thought with Thanksgiving & all, there would be less vendors. (of course, I'm bummed about it now).

    Hoping to go to BM this weekend. I don't mind paying a entrance fee when it's so windy outside. :) xoxo, Joanna

  7. Judy's booth is beautiful as usual. Can't wait to see here home. Hope to see you at her open house. Thanks for all the inspirational photos.... I may have to steal an idea or two or five!


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