Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Since for some unknown reason, I've been in a Christmas slump mood, I decided I needed to break from the Grinch mood (as my friend called me--what are friends for, right). So, I decided that in order to shake myself from this, I'd pull out all the boxes that contained the "Christmas Spirit". No I won't spare you the pics of this, check out Deb's blog and you'll get a mental picture of what my house looked like, just a tad bit worse!! I separated what I wanted to decorate my house with (and by the looks of it, it will be sparsely decorated) from what I wanted to decorate my office with. It took only a few short hours to turn my office into a bit of Christmas wonderland. With such a small space, it doesn't take much, but what I did decorate with, these things make me smile. I still love the Tiffany blue that's sprinkled all throughout this space. If you are near my office, stop by and we'll have a cup of spiced tea.

Seasons Greetings!


  1. Boy, do I know this feeling! I posted about this a few days ago...wonder if there is something in the Texas air? :)

    Looks loverrly my sweet friend! Wish I was closer so we could have that cup (or in my case) glass of cold tea! :)


  2. Very nice! I hope the spirit has hit you now. I'm still in the Deb state of things...boxes everywhere and no idea where I am going with anything this year! ugh.... ~Mindy

  3. Debi--We can meet half way and have that cup of tea or glass of tea, anytime!!
    Peg--You can move in anytime, just bring all your goodies you've stored away and we'll have a fun day!
    Mindy--I'm feeling so much better now! See you soon.

  4. Oh I love the blues and greens! I need those for my coastal tree. It looks lovely. Funny, I can get into Christmas at the shop, but not in my own home. I haven't even started yet at home.

  5. The only thing I'm gonna be draggin' out of the closet are my eggnog glasses and the rum...cheers!!! I'm not an Xmas person...can you tell...

  6. I'm not feeling the spirit either. I'll be in the mood around Jan 3rd, maybe. Your place looks really good! So pretty! I'm going to have to do a little something around here... ~PJ

  7. Hi Theresa,
    Hey, have you been to Fifi's blog today/yesterday? She's looking for a bed that was at Round Top... Thought you may know whose booth it is sweetie. (The photos at the bottom of her newest post.)
    Happy night!

  8. Love all the blue, and those little house are precious. And I just love that little wreath, where ever did you get that?????
    Lot of Christmas cheer to you, lauri

  9. I got that wreath as an early Christmas present from a very sweet Chippy girlfriend of mine, hhhmmm, who could that be?

  10. Geeze T, aren't youa lucky dog. If I was allowed to decorate my cubicle I may still be employed. LOL.

    The corporate America that I left just doesn't take to "personalization of company space" very well.

    LOVE the new Blogger photo of you - great smile!

    Hugs - Taddie

  11. Love your office! All those Christmas blues make me miss Elvis!
    We still haven't decorated, so you are ahead of us!

  12. It looks great. I hope you get your Christmas Spirit back soon,
    Ness xx

  13. My little doggie went to the hospital today so I'm not feeling very Christmascy myself.

    The Texas Woman

  14. I wish I had a office, It's hard to get a patient to let you hang tinsel on them. I hope your post will get me going on decorating for Christmas. PJ, I will decorate your house, and you can do mine we will have all new stuff. I will be ready on New Years Day.

  15. Just lovely and so magical! The bah-humbug has hit me too! No boxes down yet for me either...maybe tomorrow?? You are definetly inspiring me~Debra

  16. When you see the faces of friends and family enjoying your decorations all your efforts will be rewarded and Christmas Spirit will begin to warm you all over. A little eggnog and rum may help too.

  17. It amazes how charming you always make your office look! What a great place to work. After all that is where you spend most of your waking hours, might as well make it a happy place. Looking at all these decorations may just get me in the mood!! Or maybe not!!

  18. I'm having that same slump -- must have moved up to Missouri. It always throws me when Thanksgiving comes late. I just keep walking thru the debris hopeing for a vision. Good luck to us all! Jan

  19. confection!!! so adorable. Love your new sexy girlfriend photo, also....grrrrrrrrrrrr!
    ox lulu
    p.s. being a grinch is A LOT of fun. I've had years of experience

  20. It is not in the Texas air, it's in the air, period! I have been feeling the same way... Boy, did you ever "snap out of it", it looks beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Thanks for the info! I'll be there in spirit...looking forward to your photography! Have fun:)

  22. It looks beautiful my friend! I too am having difficulty getting the decorating under way. I have two naked trees begging to have something hung on them! On the to do list for today for sure! What time is the tea on?


  23. I must admit, I haven't been in the mood either. And it is not the Texas air, cause I live in Minnesota where the air is very winterlike! Looking at your beautiful photos does get me atleast thinking about it. I will start by buying a tree...today. Thanks for the inspiration!


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