Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carol's Open House

Welcome to Carol's beautiful home. She so graciously opened her home for a great cause this past week. As you walk in there were vignette after wonderful vignette of beautiful things. She was a shop owner at one time, so you know she knows where to shop and find things. Please grab your favorite drink and come on in for the tour.

This was probably my most favorite of all the things she had. I loved how she took this cute picture and glued it behind a mirror missing the silver. Just loved it!!

What a cute white cabinet that was filled full of great vintage things.

Of course you've got to have trophy's. She had several around in her home.

Okay, what an unusual tree. Red--of course!! With film reels, cameras, old pictures. Yes, this picture was Carol when she was a babe and she said the majority of the pictures on the tree were her. What an awesome thing to do.

To continue the slide show of Carol's House, click on the door above or click here.


  1. Oh, Theresa, so many wonderful things to see and love! I have to try the picture in the missing silvering. Love it! ~Mindy

  2. great shots of her house. Did she come to amy's in waco when we were there?

  3. love it love it love it!! What fabulousness!!!

  4. Thanks, Theresa! Loved the pics! Like you, I especially like the picture behind the desilvered mirror...and that collection of dogs is awesome! I especially like the dog with the red tinsel around his special!


  5. Great pics Theresa....thanks for letting the rest of us tour through you!

  6. What a beautiful Christmas decorations. I love how she did each room. I had a great time with the tour. What a wonderful talent she has.

    Merry Christmas Theresa


  7. Another great photo tour by the Vintage reporter! Thanks.

    The Texas Woman

  8. Once again, at the risk of sounding redundant...THANK YOU so much for taking us along on the house tour!! You take great photos--almost feel like I'm there!! ;-)

  9. Thanks for this wonderful tour, Theresa! I love that mirror too.

  10. Hey sweetie!
    glad you hear you got your "treasures" from Yaya Chique! Keep coming never know, you could win again! xo...deb


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