Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend we visited some really inspirational places. Since I had heard about Jo Harmon from Renee, Deb, and Mindy, I decided I had to check out her things. So, on early Saturday morning we headed out. New GPS tracking system in hand (thank you son for my gift, it really came in handy). We arrived not too long after she arrived and I can't honestly tell you how long I stayed looking at her things or how many times I walked around and around, each time spying something different. You'll have to check back later in the week for the awesome finds that I bought from her and others on our trip.

Jo is just as down to earth and sweet as it gets. She says she reads my blog everyday, thanks Jo, and I am so glad to have met her. I know once you study her pictures you are going to want to make a road trip to see her. Or, she said if someone see's something they can't live without, she'll even ship it to you. Here were her great things:

Such cute doggies!!

Loved the stack of suitcases and movie reel.

Look at all the ironstone and transferware--some of it has been sold to GAV!

Jo is located inside the Hunt County Trade Center in Quinlan Texas at 9065 FM 751 spaces 18 and 19, or you can reach her at 903-456-4129. The Trade Center is open every Saturday and Sunday. If I lived closer to her I'd shop with her every weekend since she's always finding something new.

Our next stop was at the Lonestars Antique Mall in Haltom City. I honestly can't say that I had even heard of Haltom City before until I looked it up on the map, not too far from Fort Worth. What a drive from Quinlan to here. I had been wanting to visit Felicia Blair's booth, Bountiful, ever since I found out about her from Michelle. Thanks Michelle so worth the trip!!

I loved everything in her booth, all the creamy, beige, white, brown tones makes me want to totally redecorate my house. Even though the booth wasn't very big, I still just stood and stared at how she had placed everything. I went back several times before I left. And from what the ladies at the counter told me, she has a huge following. Ladies will check back almost everyday for her to bring in things so they can be the first to buy and since she's constantly selling things, I'm sure she's constantly redecorating her booth. Here again, if I lived even an hour from her I most definately would come often. I'm sure this won't be the last trip I make this way.

There were several other booths in this shop that caught my eye:

Stay tuned for another shop we visited in this town. It too was a great place. After having driven what seemed like halfway across Texas and then spending the remainder of our weekend in Austin, I'm ready to just rest, but off to work tomorrow. Don't forget to check these places out.


  1. T-
    We love Lonestar Antiques. Bountiful always looks so great!
    There are a handful of booths in the mall that have a really fresh and interesting look. Well worth the trip to Haltom City. Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Well, maybe someday you will get down to Houston? :)

    I will see you in January at the Red Barn...hopefully, you will have some of those beautiful treasures I love for the shop! xo...deb

  3. Thanks Teresa for the tours. I'll have to add these spots to my list of places to go. Aren't those GPS things great. You'll find you depend on it. It's al ittle frustrating when you "know" where you are going though, but great when you haven't got a clue.

  4. Everything was just yummy! Thanks so much for your great reporting!

    I must confess that I like the pictures better than the slide shows. My ADHD just doesn't let me focus on the slides! Just my worthless opinion.

    The Texas Woman

  5. Don't you just love Jo.She's a neat lady. You weren't too far from my neck of the woods at Lonestar mall...probably about 15miles. Felicia has a pretty booth, doesn't she?

  6. I think I need a makeover!


  7. When I lived up there, thay market was not there! But Jo is great and such an eye. I love all your photos! I have missed your more regular post's so now the major holidays are over I expect more great Texas tours.

  8. I am so glad you got to meet Jo. Isn't she just one of the most wonderful ladies you have ever met? Really easy to do business with. C.D. and I would be "lost" without Graycie, our GPS and usually are when we think we know more than she does. Love the new header. Tn'T

  9. I love those white, fresh spaces! And especially the Mrs. Santa suit.

  10. Teresa, Thanks so very much for all your kind words and for your time to take and post the pictures. Thanks also to Deb, Renee & Mindy for sending you my way... It was fun meeting you. You are such a joy to be around & your blog is an inspiration to us all! Hope to see you again soon..... Jo.

  11. love, LOVE the way she uses picture frames! thanks for a great tour!

  12. Wow, this looks like to much fun to shop in. Good thing I don't live closer!
    Fun blog, I will be back.

  13. Sometimes I just wish I lived in Texas...what amazing places to visit. Thanks for the tour, Theresa!

  14. Boy those spaces really inspire me to create a new look in mine OR head out to Texas for some great shopping. thanks for the eye candy.

  15. Love Felicia's work! I First met her when I was a vendor at Golightly's and Felicia joined the group. She definately tugged on my heartstrings! Next time you are Road Trippin stop in and see me at Cottage Panache in Richland Hills -just a hop - skip - and a jump from Golightly's and Lonestar. I will be celebrating my first Anniversary on February 7th with a big sale!

  16. Thank you Theresa for the fun road trip. You Texas girls are all so sweet. You always have a nice word to say about each other. It is a pleasure to read your blog. Enjoy that GPS, I know you will use it often! Hugs, sandi


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