Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

Are you like me and as soon as the weather starts turning pretty, you dream of Spring time. The birds were chirping so pretty yesterday at my house and the butterfly's have already started to be seen around my rose bushes, my jonquils have bloomed (very early I might add) and there's a sense of Spring time in my area. Of course here in Texas, if you blink the weather will change just that fast. The weather guys are predicting a cool front is supposed to hit Texas toward the end of the week, so I'll guess I'll enjoy the Spring time weather while I can.

The other day when I was watching Martha Stewart, she featured Petersham Nurseries located in Richmond Surrey UK. I loved the way they have placed their nursery plants in settings you can really envision in your home with beautiful antiques, which are also for sale.

They have a Tea House (which I would imagine is similar to what we call a Tea Room) and just spectacular gardens.

Enjoy the pictures of their Nursery and at least sign up for their newsletter or view their gallery for more inspirational photos:

(All Photos: Petersham Nurseries)


  1. Oh... I can hardly wait till spring, but here in Canada it seems a long way off!!!

  2. Texas weather can certainly catch you off guard!! The nursery looks like a place we would all like to go.

  3. As always, I thank you for commenting on my posts, sweet chick. You're really special sweet lady. I'm trying to catch up after passing kidney stones for 2 weeks. You're one I never want to miss........

  4. I'm listening to some birds out back now. Isn't that just the sweetest sound? I won't start thinking spring until I see the robins. I've had flocks in the backyard in the past and that's my signal. Can't wait. Debbie

  5. Wouldn't you just LOVE to have that tree base table...Wow! Thanks for the pictures. With 7 inches of snow on the ground from Saturday, it'll be awhile before I see Spring in my own yard .


  6. Well here in Montreal we have about another 3 months of winter or so, easily. Lucky you in Texas. That nursery sure does look amazing though- thanks for posting the beautiful photos, Theresa.

  7. What a beautiful nursery! I meant to watch that episode, but I forgot. =( At least I got to see some pics. Thanks! ~Lori

  8. I am and have been dreaming of Spring since after Christmas. lol Here in Indiana we are getting lots of snow and very very cold weather. So when I need some Spring, I listen to my Songbirds CD and look at my garden books and magazines.. Ahhhh Spring warm days digging in the dirt. I had better stop or I might break in to a


    Love all the photos so so great.

  9. Beautiful photos! Love the chickens too. Thanks for sharing! Just wait on the's been flipping every day on us up here! have to go out on my front porch in the mornings to figure out what to wear for the day!

  10. I love your header picture.. as well as the post..
    hugs ~lynne~

  11. Sweet photos! Thank you.

  12. Boy there's nothing blooming here in Kentucky! It's cold as a witches teat! Not as cold as it is in Iowa though.(thank goodness) I can't wait until spring I hate being stuck in the house. I want to get out and work on junk! And spring means Texas Show!!

  13. I missed this Martha unfortunately. What a beautiful place! I love, love, love fresh flowers. I'm checking out their site. Thanks! Jan

  14. I'm sooooo drooling over the henhouse, I miss my lil' feathered friends and the fresh brown eggs too. You make me want to go shopping!

    Still waiting for Spring under a blanket of snow...gonna be awhile methinks!


  15. Oh - that makes me want to have a huge green house!

    Okay - so I probably posted the best and funniest post I have ever done on my riding lesson photographed! ..and don't laugh so loud that I might hear you!

    Have a great week!

  16. The pictures of the Nursery were great. I am sure once Spring arrives I will be ready but I am enjoying the weather and hoping for some snow! Looking for some more days on the slopes as well. Thanks!


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