Thursday, January 01, 2009

Road Trip with NO PICTURES

Would you believe that my camera is dead? How could this be. You know I have to take pictures everywhere we go so that I can look them over and over and over again! I can't believe we went to Canton Texas Flea Market and I have NO PICTURES to show you. I know you are just as bummed as I because if you are anything like me you live for pics and very little words. Well for today's post and until either I figure out how to fix the camera or go out and buy me another one (yes, I'll accept donations) because it's like leaving home without your watch or ring, you just feel NAKED!! I'm sorry didn't mean to say that, but it's the truth.

I saw so many awesome things at the Flea Market, but I'll try my best to describe them. I know it won't be the same. First let me tell you it was bone chilling cold there this morning, but did that stop Marion and I from adventuring out, NOPE! It eventually warmed up enough that I could take off one jacket and gloves.

One of the first things that caught my eye was this booth in the Civic Center that had so many French chairs in this awesome linen fabric. Oh my, I couldn't keep looking at this gold and wood and white furniture, chairs, couches, tables, all French!!

Of course Lillie and Maggie's booths in The Veranda was very pretty displayed with lots of silver trimmings to ring in the New Year. Go check out their blogs, hopefully they'll post pictures of their spaces.

We ran into Bobby Boyd that sets up at Zapp Hall. He makes really pretty picture frames and different things from old tin. He was setting up in the Arbors, but again no pictures to show you.

Judy Hill's booth was just so pretty as usual. She had these awesome linen chair covers, coverlets, pillows, and dust ruffles that I was so wanting. I just stood and eyed the dust ruffle made of gauze and Linen. Well, it was pretty in all the cream colored tones she had displayed in her booth, with the bed, tables, mirrors and it all looked great!

Ethel was back from Ethel's Treasures in Tyler. I found some great lights and doves with her. I love her style and her shop is always filled with great treasures.

Laurie of Laurie Anna's Vintage Home had a great sale going on. I'm sure she'll be sharing her secret with you once the Spring time nears for the Round Top/Warrenton shows.

Daphne who sells handmade purses that have a vintage touch was also in the Arbors. Her booth looked really pretty with several pieces of great furniture.

Overall, we had a great time, didn't really find much but it was good to get out and see some of our friends.

My son came through, YA HOO!! He's mailing me a camera!!!
In the meantime, I'll just go and buy a disposable one. That'll at least fix my problem temporarily for no pics until it arrives.


  1. Girl, you gotta go get you another camera! I really look forward to your pics! Sam's Club and Best Buy both have good deals on cameras right now!

    Well, thanks for the descriptions anyway!


  2. I am heart broken, no wonderful pictures by Theresa, I needed the fix, but I guess I will live, glad you had a ggod time firstitme Iever went to Canton it was snowing and icy, i know how cold it can get.. Happy New year!!!

  3. Oh boo-hoo no pictures..I hope you can fix your camera, mine has been actin up as well and I just keep praying it along.. I know you had a good time.. post pictures when you can...hugs ~lynne~

  4. We've got go get your camera fixed. I'm headed to Canton tomorrow and can't wait to see all the great stuff.

  5. And, it's not even a very old camera at that! Bum, double bum! I guess it had an overload of picture taking like my blog does sometimes :(

  6. This is just toooooo delicious, sweet chickee: you withOUT a camera!!!! Hah.

  7. THAT STINKS!!! I live for your photos. Gotta get my fix everyday or I go bonkers....If you can't fix it at least there are all kinds of deals out there right now.

    Hugs - Taddie

  8. My camera broke at the end of October, I know exactly how you feel. It was less than a year old, so Canon fixed it for me, but it felt like it was gone FOREVER! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, it was appreciated.
    Take care,

  9. With or without photos, you still paint a pretty picture, my friend, especially of Texas weather. Tn'T

  10. AWWWW shucks; you know it must have been a bad year for cameras. My camera died a couple of months ago, And I have read that some others have too. wow scary huh.... I am glad that you are getting one, but I sure would have loved to see the photos of all the pretties. oh well.

    I hope you had a great New year.


  11. I once got all the way up to Sisters' and whipped out the camera and had like 2 seconds of battery left...I freaked, but squeaked through with 4 pics and used one that I took the week before, I always take extras...just in case.

    But what a fun road trip anyway and what a perfect thing to do on New Years day. Hope you had a great one!


  12. Ok I am going through withdrawal when you say No pictures!
    But you type well so I am getting a good mental picture but still not the same.
    Good luck at getting a new camera!

  13. I hope your son sent the new camera PRIORITY !! You take the best inspirational pictures of any blogger....can't understand why you don't get a million hits - ahhh one wants to share where they get all that INSPIRATION from.....LOL!!! Happy New Year!!

  14. I saw all of the wonderful french furniture yesterday when I was at Canton. It was lovely! Glad to know a new camera is on the way!


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