Friday, January 02, 2009

Blogs Full of Ideas

Today's Martha Stewart show segment featured bloggers, which really caught my attention. I thought it would be interesting for those just starting out blogging to get tips and read about other successful blogs. My goodness to have over a million hits a day would probably just blow my mind, but that's what some of these blogs are receiving! Amazing!! To read and see more about this show, click here.

Some of the bloggers featured on her show were Perez Hilton, Eddie Ross, and Martha's Circle of bloggers, just to name a few. Here's a picture of Eddie with Martha and Jaithan:

Photo credit: Eddie Ross

Check out Eddie's blog for more great ideas!

I've recently also come across some great blogs that have beautiful pictures to download, most are vintage inspired.

Check out Dawn's blog and The Vintage Moth for amazing downloads. I too thought I'd post some vintage seed packets for you to download. These can be used as tags, just print and cut and paste them inside jars to display in your kitchen or you could blow them up and frame them. I'm sure there are many many more possibilities.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.


  1. Thank you so much for the seed packets photo! I love them. :) Happy New Year!!


  2. I hear that there are people out there who make money off their blogs! How nice.

    I'll have to check out Martha's advice or ideas for bloggers. I'm sure she only shows the best.

    Have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention sweetie!!! and I LOVE these seed packets...thank you again Theresa!
    for the love of old,

  4. Love your blog and I love your blog shop! Good luck with it! Great idea! Dawn and I are from Ga. and have become great blogging and art friends! She is so awesome!
    Hugs and Blessing for 2009,

  5. A million hits a day. It boggles the blogmind. You get that many or close to it a day, right? Debbie

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet post! Happy New Year!

  7. Wow! You always share the best scoops. Love the seed packets! You are tops in class, Ms. Theresa. ~Mindy

  8. Thanks for the info on blogging, I'll check it out for tips and ideas. Wow, a million hits a day..I'm happy to get 1 or 2! Oh, and I love the seed packets...too cute!
    Have a good evening,

  9. Where are they. Marthas circle of bloggers. Why do they not google up. Wonder what type of platform they are on.? wow. I bet she had one!

    I saw Eddie on tv. He was good. I hope blog is good.

  10. How sweet of you to share the seed packets. I would not know how to act if I have that many comments. How fun that would be though.

    Have a great weekend


  11. Thanks for all the great links and the tours in your previous posts. It is wonderful to visit new blogs ans shop vicariously through your lens. Happy new Year, Pam

  12. Just found your blog. Love your look and thanks for the info. I am into primitive and vintage. I think the contrast is very interesting. I am a newer blogger and I couldn't image that many hits. I remember my first hit I screamed for the kids to look and they just laughed. (They are so used to myspace) 1 hit was a joke to them. Ha Ha I will keep stopping by.

  13. Oh you must have been going crazy without a camera lately! Thank you for sharing the seed packets. I gotta hope over to The Vintage Moth now =) New Year Blessings.. Polly

  14. Hi Theresa, happy new year!! What shows are you guys doing this year? rosemary

  15. Theresa, this sounds like a fun link to click. I read Eddie's blog.

    I can't imagine getting all those hits. Have no idea how many I get because I don't have a counter! Might be fun to find though.

  16. a million hits!! i bet you almost get that many every day. you should.
    take care.....

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  18. WOW! Thanks for such sweet comments! It means so much coming from you...the queen of display! Thanks for telling us about Martha....I'm checking out her tips. Let me know when you are coming will have to stop by and we can do lunch! Blessings and hugs!
    ps. so GLAD you got a camera! we couldn't go too many days without your wonderful pics!

  19. glad you got a new camera!!! love your new blog header...I NEED that magazine, I am drooling!!! Where did you find it?

  20. I saw that same Martha episode to and it was very interesting that it was all about bloggers....kind of neat and also inspiring to keep on going. I love how two women posted pictures of each od their mornings side by side every day & then made a book abaout it .
    :o) Sue

  21. Love the seed packets! Great idea to share. Thanks for info on Martha's blog. I went and saved it to view again. Will have to check out some of those ideas! Blessings, carrell

  22. Hi , Theresa , I saw Marthas blog last Fall where she invited you to share your blog and why you do. The bloggers were So diverse. I stick to the junkin' treasure hunting blogs but there's a blog out there for Everything. A belated Happy New Year! Sue

  23. I have spent hours on your blog this morning and your fab linkies too!!!
    Love it all!!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  24. Happy New Year! I look forward to another year of drooling over your pictures of the wonderful finds at the Texas shows! Maybe someday I'll get back there. Martha


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