Monday, January 05, 2009

Hmmm, I wonder what's going on...

You know without my camera I do seem lost on my blog. I've always thought that it's the pictures that can tell a story when I can't. I love to mainly just picture watch on my blog and others and sometimes I really skip over the words. Then, something will catch my eye, a word, a phrase and then I'll scroll back up and read the words. Sometimes, for me at least, the words aren't near as inspiring as the photo's. It's probably because I'm a very visual person. You could explain something all day long to me and I'd nod and act like I was listening to you, but show me pictures...well, it just makes sense to me then.

Okay, are you wondering why I'm rambling. Well, I still don't have a camera, but after reading several blogs and realizing what I'm actually "reading" has been in my head now for a couple of weeks and the thought of maybe boring you with my thoughts have caused me not to want to write about them. Lots of things go on in my mind, it continues way into the night. I'm a very visual dreamer as well. I'm actually there, I mean really there, in my dreams. I awake thinking wasn't I just in another place? For the most part, I remember my dreams, and I always want to know the meaning behind them.

I know with the New Year comes an urge to purge as I call it. I want to go through my collections, my things, my junk and get rid of it all. Well here lately I have been actually boxing up things and they will be ready to take to the local Resale shop soon. I'm giving them away, not going to try and sell them, just donate them and let someone else enjoy them. After reading Mindy's blog, Deb's blog, Pam's blog, and a new one I just discovered Erin's blog they've inspired me to write what I've actually been thinking for a few weeks now.

There are lot of things in my life I really need to purge. Not just physical things, emotional things, mind sets, etc., you get the picture. At times there are weights that hold us down. Yes, it could be physical, but most of the time (at least with me) it's more than that. Life is short! You wake up one day and realize how time has flown, my boys are grown (weren't they just playing in the back yard, running and laughing, and now they have their own lives). I've worked in my job for over 25 years (it will be 26 years next month), and wonder where the time has flown. Like most of us I don't like to make resolutions because I know I won't stick to them, but I always think it's good to want to change. To strive to be a better person than the year before. I hope that I've learned a lesson or two from things/situations/life that has happened in the past. I'm constantly wanting to learn something new. I'm never satisfied with where I am. No it's not that I'm not thankful for my life and what I have, I just know there is so much more to explore in this world. This year I do feel a change coming on in my personal life. Where it will lead me I don't know. I just know that I'm not content where I am in life. Then again, this time next year I may just be sitting right here in the same place, but I hope along the way I've learned a lesson or two, that I'm a better person (not perfect, just have been open to more things that maybe I was once closed minded about), and I've learned something new.

Oh and yes, I couldn't leave you without including a picture.

(This photo was taken last Spring at Festival Hill in Warrenton Tx). It's a very peaceful and serene place--Thanks to Linda and Ludmil for introducing this place to me.

Here's to the next 12 months!!


  1. Oh, my, girl. You just WROTE an excellent post! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.

    The Texas Woman

  2. I used to set up at Marburger. I never saw festival hill in Warrenton. Something this way comes........... I too love all things garden(old), shabby etc. I guess I am a borderline hoarder. Just saw a large faux boix planter at Windsor Market in Tulsa and it was 50% off. It was about 2' in diameter and fairly cheap. Hope to see you next spring - where do you set up?

  3. Ms. T-Lori at Before the Stroke of Midnight has a link to a lady who is doing just what you are talking about as a giveaway. I think it is a tremendous idea and so generous of you to think beyond money. I wouldn't want you to change that much-you're just too valuable the way you are now. But I know what you are saying-we can become slaves to "stuff" and forget to live. Tn'T

  4. I enjoyed all your words, pictures are great and can be very inspiring, but words connect me to the heart of the person. I enjoyed the way you sincerely shared what you are thinking and feeling, it can be hard to get that from a photo, I hope when you get your camera back you continue to share with words as well. Thank you Jacque

  5. oh....did you 'read' my mind? i love this post theresa. it's as inspiring as all your lovely photos and ideas. camera or no make a statement no matter where you go or what you do.
    i did purge today. i took my friend sally 2 boxes of stuff and put it on her doorstep. enjoy...i can't take it with me.
    i love to stock, but i love to give stuff away too. i want others to be as excited about rambling thru something new to them as i was about it once being new to me.
    you are a true gift. be safe in the ice and keep writing. i'm reading.

  6. Theresa,

    I love your photos, but this post has "you" in it, and that's a wonderful thing. The new year brings this out for most of us, particularly as the years creep up on us. We all feel it....where did the time go?

    I've always loved the quote, "live in the moment, life is a gift". Beautiful words, but so hard to live by. At least for me....I'm always looking for the next idea, the next project, the next anything!

    But one thing I've learned that gives me great comfort is to just "let things unfold". They always do and they always work out exactly as they should.

    Take care my friend.....may God bless you abundantly in the coming year.



  7. wow. Is it right to say thank you in such a case? I feel it though - thank you.

    Stuff comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes, doesn't it? It sounds like you're ready to soar. I'm anxious to see where this journey might take you.

  8. I love your writing & it makes so much sense. Always when I take my Christmas down, I'm overwhelmed with all the "stuff" both in my life & in my home. Eventually I get rid of some but always seem to bring more back in. Good luck on your search & hope it brings about a great adventure. PEACE! Jan

  9. Nothing ever happens if you don't actively change. Personally, the most painful time in my life (and it suuuuucked) also gave me the gift of becoming a better person. It took some time but I understand I needed to alter my life. You just keep at it!
    AND YOU BETTER READ OUR BLOG...we never get too much for our 'stuff' photos just our antics.
    love you!
    xo lulu

  10. That's what makes you so special...thinking beyond what you can acquire, but what you can give to others. You truly are an inspiration to me and alot others I'm sure. Theresa, you are an exceptional lady and I'm glad to have encountered you in my search for a change in my life as well. I know that God has put me here for a reason to be able to have fellowship with people like you and really analize things in life. This is very therapeudic!!
    God Bless!

  11. I enjoyed your post, it gave me some things to think about also.

  12. Hello! I am leaving my first comment for you as I just found your blog. I am new to the world of blogging and I love it..all the great people..inspirational. I still have lots to learn. Your words ring true for most of us. As artists we tend to "collect" and at times it can become too much. Keep up your terific blog, I will continue to follow you!
    Blessings for 2009 Nancy

  13. Great post! The part about the kids is so true.The grow up so quickly!

  14. I love to READ you. Write more,,,BRAVO! I did the opposite in December, posting more photos than words...I am also visual and allow my photos to create a mood, get a message across or simply inspire or uplift! I love following your blog! carry on, and Happiest of the New Year!

  15. Love this post. Hope to chat with you soon. Thanks, Denise

  16. I just cleaned out two cupboards of outdated decorating books...ahhh, what a feeling, now I have more room for my books of poetry and someone at Good Will can enjoy my old ones.

    Hope you get a camera soon...I would go bonkers without mine...what did we ever do without digitals...waiting and waiting for the photos to come back, then half were thrown away anyway...I LOVE MY CAMERA, gives me an excuse to goof off more and call it work...HA!

    Have a great time with the clean-up...


  17. Great post! You should write more often. Now I have this awful feeling that you are reading my guess I will have to start giving pop tests!

    Hint: I gave Karen a camera for Christmas so she could take pics for the blog...haven't gotten one picture yet...I give you permission to go wrestle it from her! :)


  18. Thank you, Theresa. I'm glad that it spoke to you. I am feeling quite inspired. I love your words and no pics were necessary. Happy purging and growing. You rock. ~Mindy

  19. Excellent post! It really made me think! THANKS! Angie

  20. Hey Texas T, I loved your post and it really made me read it, cause I do tend to just look at the pictures. We are right there with you whatever you decide is best for you. Love you and can't wait to see you. Lauri @ chippys

  21. What an awesome post! I did the "urge to urge" thang and managed to purge 100 things from Aug-Dec this year. Reading your post, I didn't realize I should "purge" mindsets as well, so I'll be doing that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Sorry you still don't have your camera back, but on the plus side, you got a lot of thinking written down, lol!
    You are SO right about the time flying...just yesterday my son was a baby...and now he's 18...which shouldn't really be possible, since I'm only 25! LOL!

  23. Thersa,
    I just found you, and appreciated what you wrote. I also, am more one for lots of photos, and not as many words (although i have gotten pretty wordy a few times).
    I understand what you mean about sensing a change, vivid dreams, and learning from our time here.

    Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Barbara Jean

  24. I think our vintage hearts keep the same time


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