Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dallas Socialite Plans the Party of the Century

Read all about it:

Yes Ms. Talking Trash herself made the Dallas news. Click on her blog to read more about her party this Friday!! Can't wait to attend, ball gown and all.


  1. Sounds very interesting!!! I'm on my way to check it out!

  2. Wow, that Debbie is something else! I'm excited about her fabulous party, but still looking for something suitable for my "Big Mama" to wear. See you there, Theresa!

  3. OMGOSH, that is so funny, I just read her blog and was lol!!! You all must just have the most fun!

  4. OK, I am going to try and leave a comment but it's going to be hard in between the laughing, slapping my knee and snorting out loud. Thank goodness, C.D. is in bed (although he did get up to make sure I was all right) so he doesn't have to witness this.
    T...This is hilarious! I can't imagine how much time and hard work this had to have taken. It is so darn clever, I can't even begin to think of adjectives! I do know you are the reason I started blogging in the first place cause you told me how much fun it would be. And you are so right!!! I can't quit laughing.
    My grandmother Marie always called me Lady Astor since I wore so much junk jewelry and I guess you proved her right! (She also would say that I needed to hang my hair on a doorknob so everybody could feel it, but that's another story).

    You better believe this will be one great party. With wild and funny people like yourself attending, could it be any less?

    I will be putting up my A-List of attenders and Girl, you are #1 on my list and I mean that it the most loving way I can think of.

    Thank you for the most over-the-top publicity stunt ever!!! You are the QUEEN!
    I love you,
    TALKING TRASH ....Debbie P.S. Don't be surprised when I come back to write some more. I just have to go change my underwear now!

  5. I cannot tell you how many times I reloaded that, trying to get it to unblur. You are brilliant! See you at the party! ~Mindy

  6. Aw, that's so cute!

    The Texas Woman

  7. I have to tell ya'll that before I called Deb I was laughing so hard, my husband asked if I was ok. Then, I couldn't hardly tell her what I done for laughing so hard and here I am laughing until I am crying at her comment! Isn't she the best...

  8. This is the most fun I've had in a long time!!

  9. Ok, that is so funny! I love it! How in the world did you come up with that?

    I can't wait till the party! Francesca has her dress. And she has chosen her date! He's a cutie!

    See you there!

  10. I am hysterical! That was soo great! I will see you at the party...I'll be with Johnny, looking fabulous.....

  11. How FUNNY!! You girls ain't right! How do you come up with this stuff! Boy this will give us something to talk about at he blog party!

  12. Hey Theresa,
    What the world needs right now is more laughter, thanks for providing it, Sue

  13. You are having way too much fun my dear!!!!

  14. You did it up right or as my kids would say "That's dope!" Too funny theresa! I finally got the Lemonade award done this morning. Changed it up a bit. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for giving it to me...see ya tomorrow at the party!

  15. The girl is number 1 in my book. Too funny. Can't wait to see everyone at the big event. Pam

  16. What is keeping you? Throw on some lipstick and perfume and get on over here. I can't handle this crowd by myself!!! You created this media frenzy...bring the whip and chair. Debbie

  17. I'm running a little late's been a long time since I put make-up on! See you at the party!



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