Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Relaxing Day

What a great day I had yesterday, redoing my house and just really enjoying my day off. Too bad there aren't four days in the work week, I could really get used to this. I did redo my home, put away things that weren't inspiring me at the moment and just cleaned and relaxed with a big glass of sweet tea (yes in Texas even in the Winter months we have cold sweet tea)!

I've received some emails wanting to see the inside of my home and living with three men (okay I'm now down to two since one moved out)--get your minds out of the gutter, my sons and husband, ha ha. Anyways, it's not always easy to have a kept home. They work so hard and just want to come home and relax and honestly I don't mind. After redoing my living room last night, I reaped the benefits of just relaxing with my guys and talking and laughing, I so cherish these moments. Here's a small portion of what I did with my day:

I have several vignettes in my home of religious items. I'm always drawn to crucifixes and old bibles; the more worn or tattered the better. The white roses are in an old minnow bucket I bought from Melanie and Bryan at The Urban Market and the vase that has all the crosses came from Ann's shop and the other one I bought from Peg also at The Urban Market. I thought it would be cute to pack a picnic lunch in too sometimes. It's just the right size.

Here's a view of the other side of my living room and mantle, which I change out frequently.

I just adore this angel, with her chippy white/pink paint. I bought her many many years ago from my junkin buddy.

Of course you've seen my trophy collection before, but I added a new one to the bunch I found this past Winter in Brenham Texas at one of the Antique Shops there.

I have a new blog to share with you tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that's your living room?! I LOVE it! It's so cozy and so many interesting things to look at!!!

  2. That was fun!!! I get to be a peeping Tomasina and see how the talented live. How do you keep things white with MEN!!! You ought to see my den couch. Ugh! I want more. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day off doing what you wanted. Maybe you ought to propose flex time at work. With fuel being what it is, they just might go for it. BTW, having worked for the govt. for 23 yrs. I know the drill. Be sure and put it in a written suggestion on the proper form in triplicate! lol Debbie

  3. I see wicker! haha Love that mantle! I want to see it close up, please. ~Mindy

  4. Your house is "awesome". Thanks for sharing and I love the little vingettes. I'm big on doing those in my home as well. Again, thanks for taking the time to post the photos, I enjoyed them.
    Take care, Sue

  5. Love Love Love the trophies, you must be really good at something! I have two vintage trophies that I picked up years ago, seems the ones I see lately are worth more then I can spare. Your collection is great and your house looks very cozy, thanks for sharing~Jacque

  6. You are just a busy little bee aren't you? Your home is beautiful Theresa..it has that cottage charm with all the neutral colors, linens and wonderful collections. BTW, I really love the mantle and that green chair!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. thanks for sharing. i enjoy spending a day redoing stuff around the house as well.
    you sell yourself short lady....you ARE a designer, an artist, a stylist and a writer and photographer. and you are an inspiration. i love your home. i would have a blast looking at all your vignettes and interesting things. have another glass of tea and pat yourself on your creative little back. thanks for taking the time to share.

  8. I say ditto to all the cozy comments! I love it! And I'm digging your trophies! I'm on the look out for baseball trophy cups to use at the wedding in dec. Are any of yours baseball? Could I rent them if they are or could you keep an eye out for me some? Thanks!
    Bless Ya!

  9. Theresa, loved coming in to your home with you. I recently saw a model with crusifixes(about 3 or so) wrapped around her wrist like a charm bracelet. It looked great. Love to you.

  10. I could spend an afternoon just looking at all the bits and pieces you have displayed. I just love the way decorating has become more personal. The "decorator" rooms look good on paper but can you really live like that? Not if you are a junkin' mama!Pam

  11. I'm with Deb...Scratchy would have my couch totaled, how do you do it with MEN...I did leather...but I want white.

    Yup, I'm gittin' used to this work at home lifestyle, but it ain't easy, I work even harder to justify the thrill of being there, now I work 24-7, but I have more play-time with my furry lil' heathen...have you got another furry companion yet, been thinkin about ya!

    Have a great day friend! Love that sweet tea anytime!


  12. Love the changes you've made! It's fun changing things around, I love doing that! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Theresa,
    You must have had a lot of fun. If I had all those wonderful collections, I'd still be at it. I really love the religious items and the way you've showcased them! Thank you for sharing, now I better go move things around my house!

  14. Loved seeing your house. I am constantly 'tweaking' my rooms. I have to much stuff and not enough house. Rotating collections keeps things fun and fresh. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Fresh, light and welcoming....great job!!!

  16. I love you living room and all your great treasures!

  17. Lovely!!! Lots of goodies to behold....Have a wonderful day!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...

  18. you have a great collection of trophy's I love them.


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