Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday at the Market

We headed out early this morning to attend The Urban Market in Houston and what a great time we had visiting with everyone and seeing all the awesome treasures. We first met up with Melanie and Brian of The Seed Box Antiques, then it was on to see Peg and Jon of French Vanilla, and Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest Farms were next to them. We ran into Susie and Hector, who were also set up there and saw Cheryl of Stash Studio's in their booth. Of course meeting Joanne of Sweet Finds was a pleasure, just like her blog name, sweet is exactly how she is! And, last but not least we saw Kim working and selling gumbo, which was absolutely delicious, I might add.

Okay, I know you are anxiously awaiting the pics of everything we saw.

Here was Peg and Jon's booth:

This cute white cabinet was filled with ironstone, numbers and letters.

Chairs on the wall with nests, what works of art!

Look at this beautiful architectural piece.

This entire display was just beautiful, loved the chairs.

And wouldn't that architectural header be cute as a headboard.

Next, we were on to see Linda and Ludmil's booth:

Look at all the pretty violet colored things, perfect with ironstone.

And that pink cabinet next to the table was so pretty!

Linda always makes the cutest works of art. These bottles with crepe paper would be just perfect anywhere.

And of course with Valentine's right around the corner, you might email Linda if you are interested in any of these pretties. If she sold out I'm sure she'll take special orders.

More views of her space.

The French chairs and table SOLD!!

Don't you just love the pink buggy. Can you see it on a porch with flowers, ready for Spring.

Here's is Melonie and Brian's space. They have the coolest things, look at that great table and what an awesome top:

Of course I found treasures with them, they always bring such a mix of things for you to choose from and all the way from Missouri!!

Loved the mannequin in the corner, but it had already SOLD!!

This was Susie and Hector's space and if my camera's battery wouldn't have been so low you would have seen more of their great things. If you are looking for unique items shop with them.

Here were pictures of other dealers things that caught my eye:

You know when you get my husband and Ludmil together, there's going to be trouble. Just kidding, but look how handsome they looked. Everyone was loving my husband's boots, so...

I took a close up shot so you could see his boots:

After we left the Market, we headed over to The Antique Gallery in Spring. I always love their displays when you walk in. Those columns were calling my name, but again SOLD!!

Being so close to Anthropologie, I couldn't resist stopping and eyeing their displays. Most people go in for their clothes, but here I am looking at their props over and over. They have the best ideas!! Don't you love these weathered umbrellas. They were all over the store. I can imagine what people where thinking when they were putting these displays together, but I just loved them.

I really liked the chairs piled up high. They had these huge light bulbs in the cages and hanging; they really intrigued me:

Our last stop was at Maggie's in The Woodlands. They were ready for Valentine's and had the best smelling candles burning:

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing where we went today. Wow, I'm pretty tired. Until next time...


  1. Finally it's about time! I couldn't hardly wait to see pictures of your adventure!! Thanks!! Wish I could have been there!!

  2. All that traveling and visiting and you still posted when you got home? Girl, you are a dedicated reporter!

    Good job!

    The Texas Woman

  3. WOW! I'm glad I stayed up late tonite so I could see all these wonderful photos from your fun day. I'm heading back to your post to enlarge each pic so I can really see all the cool stuff. Thanks... Maggie

  4. Wonderful photos! Thanks for the tour! I got to see lots of cool things and I'm not even tired!


  5. Thank you sooooo much for the great pics! I saw something in each one I would love to have ! You had a great day!

  6. Wow, Theresa! Thanks so much for the photos. Everything looked fabulous! So many beautiful things, such amazing displays! We know we can always count on you for our wonderful little tours!

  7. I am just dying over this post.....this is one of my favorites!! Great Blog, Amazing!!

  8. I am just dying over this post!!!! It's the best!! Love your blog.
    Many Blessings,

  9. Busy, busy day Ms. T. You got a whole lot of seeing done! Peg's spot looked amazing as did everyone's. I hope they all did fantastic and went home with empty trailers. We went to Golightly's and Lone Star. OMG...I am so in love with Golightly's. Debbie

  10. Hey Theresa, I wish I could have been right there with you. I think I might have sold a kidney for that architectural niche in Peg and Jon's booth. Loved, loved loved everything. Thanks for always taking us along. XOXO, Patricia

  11. Thanks for the tour, I enlarged each one aas i went, you know it's all about the pictures to me.

  12. Great photos - I am jealous.....wish I had been there! I also loved seeing the shops in Houston - what a fun trip!

  13. Well, you lil' sneaky pete!! I didn't even see you taking pics!! And you looked so beautiful!! You rock my sweet friend! It was a fun day and met some great people. Golden Retriever Rescue was there and my Hannah (who is a Golden!) loved it!! kisses and blessings. Peg

  14. I would be in BIG trouble if that was closer to home! So much inspiration..thanks for sharing it all! Now I want to go to the store and redo the displays! :)

  15. Wow! Looks just amazing and I know you had a blast! Makes me want to go work on my booth now! :D Thanks for the inspiration today!


  16. Such sweet eye candy, I saw lots of stuff that I really like, but probably can't afford. Thanks for the tours, I'm inspired again.

  17. I love, love, love the display with the tarnished silver trays on the walls. Any ideas on how to accelerate the tarnish on a piece of silver? Makes me want to go home and hang some of mine on the wall!!! I always love all of your pics.

  18. I was with everything you were saying and showing until the picture of your husband. Gurlll...he is HOT! All that other stuff is just stuff. Congrats on the real find of finds! *wink* ~Mindy

  19. Dad Gum!!! I wanted to be there!!! Maybe next time....Tiina...

  20. Dear Theresa.. as always I am so touched that you always include us... it was a lovely day and fun to see you and Cruz... and you are looking exceptionally pretty these days.. Love Linda

  21. Sorry we missed ya this weekend here in Houston! I can't BELIEVE you were down here and didn't come see me! :( Just kidding.....

    Our oldest son came to visit for the day and so did my brother from we weren't able to make it.

    Glad to see ya'll had a good time. Give Mr. "T" a big yaya hug and that Texan hubby says "hey...and his sunglasses are even better than the ones he had!"


  22. 60 degrees here in Ioway, but we won't delude ourselves into thinking spring...but I can dream of summer flea markets as I stroll through your pictures...thanks!


  23. Wow...incredible pictures. Why do I live in North Dakota?! This looked SO fun and looks like you saw just simply wonderful things! Thank you so much for sharing. Andrea

  24. What a fabulous day you had...
    So much eye candy for sure!
    Thanks for sharing...

  25. Wow-great stuff! Looks like a fun day of shopping!

  26. Theresa, I loved that I got the chance to meet you. Hoping to get more time to hang out at some point soon. :) xoxo, Joanna

  27. Makes me wish we were heading to the Spring Marburger, but we're hoping to be there for Fall. Thanks for sharing your pics of all the yummy stuff. I definitely need a junking fix ;) Blessings... Polly (countingyourblessings)

  28. Love the flea in Houston, wish I was there or at least lived closer.

  29. Wow! You did make a day of went to a lot of different areas, girl! Sorry I missed Urban Market... I wish they'd do that on Saturdays.

  30. Theresa, I have not been blogging for some time and realize I have missed a lot of your good posts. I had to comment on this one, I am in love with the pink buggy. I am not a pink person, but I could not have passed that little cutie up.


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