Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Trip in Austin

We spent this past weekend in Austin to celebrate our oldest son's birthday. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend and the weather could not have been any better. The more time I spend in Austin, the more I'd love to move to this area. We had such a great time spending the weekend with our boys. Since we were eating at Guero's Taco Bar, you know that I could not pass up an opportunity to stop at Uncommon Objects. Everytime I visit this store, it always changes, nothing remains the same.
This guy was at the front of the store, welcoming customer's. He has a bone to pick with you if you've never been here:

Click on the picture to see the rest of our trip.


  1. I really loved the slideshow, chickee. Much better than loading a lot of pix on the blog probably though. Looks like ya had a great time, honey. ;-)

  2. Theresa, you utterly amaze me with your technical prowess. Do you work for Microsoft? You also get to go to the most amazing places - lucky you. Thanks for contacting Deb for me.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice weekend! The weather here was beautiful too. That store looks wonderful!

  4. That's a great slideshow, Theresa. Almost like being in the shop!

  5. Great pics! I hope to one day get to visit this the great mix of things. Looks like fabulous place to hunt!

    Hope your son's day was special!


  6. I have never been to Austin, but it looks like you had a great time!

  7. Hey girlfriend!

    I promise, I am going to try my best to get there on time! But, if not...I know I will see you for sure sometime while you are there.

    Robin & John gave me a huge threat that if I didn't make it this spring...they were coming to get me...(heck I'm only 45 minutes away)....and drag me there!

    So, I promise me & Texan hubby (with big old Texan truck) :) will be there sooner or later! xo..deb


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